Carolyne + Andrew

If there is one thing we learned about Carolyn and Andrew from their wedding day, it is that they are FUN! They love games, so they infused their wedding day with many opportunities for their guests to play. A roll of the dice at the bar could determine what drink you would get, and what kind of straw you could drink from (silly straw in a beer, anyone?!). The Montreal Fine Arts Museum played host to the affair, their good friend officiated the ceremony, and in true Carolyn and Andrew fashion, a celebratory dance down the aisle replaced the traditional recessional. As expected, a hilarious dance party ensued, as their friends and family, including some well-known TV personalities (Andrew is a news anchor) got involved in some pretty serious dance offs.

Carolyn and Andrew, thank you for selecting us to capture it all. A couple who laughs together stays together - and we have no concerns for the two of you!

Sheri + Ryan

The majority of the weddings we photograph are destination weddings, and Sheri and Ryan's Montreal wedding - despite the fact that it was held in the city we call home - was no exception. Like many people who have visited our lovely city, Sheri and Ryan both fell in love with the European architecture and the incredible food and they wanted to share it with their friends and family during their wedding weekend. We loved learning more about Sheri and Ryan through the choices they made for their wedding. They held both the ceremony and reception at Barroco, a Spanish restaurant in the heart of old Montreal. The food and flair of the restaurant - as well as the papel picado they draped around the room - was a nod to a trip they took to Spain. In honor of their precious bunny Chloe, they made a donation to the Rabbit Rescue in Vancouver as wedding favors for their guests. And of course, the impecable menu complete with paella, oysters and lobster (hands down one of the best wedding meals we've ever had), was a testament to their excellent taste in food.

Thank you, Sheri and Ryan, for allowing us to share in your sweet wedding. And thank you for treating us to a much anticipated and dreamt about dinner at Garde-Manger! We look forward to a date night there very soon!

Deniz + Khoa

Deniz and Khoa's engagement session in Istanbul was one of many firsts and mosts for us. For starters, it was Daniel and I's first time in the beautiful country of Turkey. It is also furthest we've ever travelled for an engagement session, and the first time we've ever travelled with a couple before their wedding. As it turns out, Deniz and Khoa were very compatible travel parters for Daniel and I. Having grown up in Istanbul, Deniz proved to be an excellent tour guide; taking us to all the sights and suggesting what and where we should eat (For the foodies, highlights were: Turkish breakfast - especially the fried cheese; Lahmacun - a Turkish pizza of sorts; mastic ice cream; salt-crusted fish flambe; and my personal favorite, Cigkofte - the most delicious raw meat I've ever had). We spent a total of three days in Istanbul with Deniz and Khoa, and when we weren't eating, we were visiting the sights - Aya Sophia, Dolmabahçe palace, Kapalı Çarşı (the Grand Bazaar) - and of course taking photos. On our last day, they treated us to a very unique and traditional experience: the Turkish bath, or Hamam. If traveling with these two hadn't yet bonded us, then for Khoa and Daniel, and Deniz and I, being scrubbed down in a hot room while half naked was sure to do the trick!

I have to say, I think taking a trip together is probably the best way we've ever gotten to know a couple. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know a place that is so meaningful to both Deniz and Khoa, and to have done their engagement photos there. And to think, this trip was just part one... we are so excited to join them in Turks and Caicos for their wedding next month!

Kristiaan + Lionel

From inside the stunning candlelit ruins of San Jose el Viejo, on the night of her wedding, Kristiaan told her guests that she and Lionel chose La Antigua, Guatemala because they wanted their guests to have an experience. I can't think of a better way of describing this wedding... what an experience it was. Daniel and I spent 3 whole weeks in Guatemala, first taking a Spanish class (y nuestro Espanol es mucho mejor ahora!) and then just taking in this incredible place. Slowly but surely, Kristiaan, Lionel and their wedding guests started to arrive. With every new arrival, the group got better and better; their families warm and welcoming, their friends an absolute blast. And Kristiaan and Lionel, well, we just adore them (they are also wedding photographers so they are obviously good people!). By the end of it, we had several sincere invitations to family dinners and one honorary adoption from Kristiaan's mom (hi mama Karen!).

To kick off their five day wedding experience, Kristiaan and Lionel organized The Amazing Race Antigua, a treasure hunt around the city. Daniel is proud to say that he led his team to victory (I'm still bitter about my  team's loss...) and the event certainly brought everyone closer together, competitive spirits and all (I am perhaps referring to myself a little...). The eve of the wedding day began with an early morning volcano hike and ended with a salsa dance party with entertainment by Ignacio Perez Borrel, one of the original members of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. After the wedding we followed Kristiaan, Lionel, and a few of their close friends to beautiful Lake Atitlan where we explored remote villages, feasted on homemade meals, and napped in hammocks overlooking the vast lake.

But also, of course, there was the wedding day. Filled to the brim with joy, love, and beauty, it was impossible not to get completely immersed in it all. We were spoiled with the magical combination of emotion and stunning location. La Antigua is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited... so much so that I can't find the words to do it or this wedding justice, so have a glimpse at their full slideshow instead, by clicking HERE.