Katrina + Brandon

When we first met Katrina and Brandon 4 years ago, they were still college students, dating, and living as roommates, while growing their new wedding photography business. It was clear that these two were ambitious and well beyond their years in terms of their talent and accomplishments. Daniel and Brandon met through the online wedding photography community, and Brandon invited us to stay with them in California while on a roadtrip across the United States. We hit it off immediately and they quickly became two of our closest friends, who we now consider family. We feel like we know these two pretty well; we are so familiar Brandon’s sense of humor and indescribable laugh, and Katrina’s gentle, kind, and generous spirit. But throughout their wedding weekend in Palm Springs, we had the pleasure of getting to know their families whom we had never met before. It quickly became apparent that these two are appropriate products of their parents: Brandon’s side is hilarious, adorable, and at times wonderfully inappropriate, and Katrina’s parents are thoughtful, sweet and just like their daughter, they laugh at all of Brandon’s jokes.

Katrina and Brandon put so much thought into their big day, and to say that it paid off would be an understatement. Brandon, who Katrina often jokingly referred to as the bride, insisted on a romantic twilight reception on the stunning grounds of Korakia, and balanced it off by surprising guests with a Vegas nightclub-inspired dance party at a secret location, complete with showgirls, fog, lasers, and a performance by the groom. We often joked that this wedding had split personalities, but in fact, it was perfectly suited to this couple who appreciates beauty and romance, but who also loves a baller party!

Epic is a word so commonly used nowadays, but I honestly can’t think of a more appropriate word to sum up this whole affair. Katrina and Brandon, we are so touched that you selected us to capture your most incredible day. We love you both so very much and our lives are better with you in them.

You can view our favourite photos above, and take a look at their slideshow, HERE!

Vanessa + Rob

We often get asked what makes a great wedding. Is it location? A good looking couple? Nice decor? If we were to pick one single "thing" that makes a wedding great, it would, without a doubt, be great energy. The energy that is given off by happy, happy people has got to be one of the best things in the world. When we met Vanessa and Rob in Cape Cod, we felt that energy right away. The way they look at each other and laugh with each other seems as though they are in on a secret inside joke. Even if you're not in on it, you still can't help but smile. Their friends and family seemed thrilled to be reunited for the occasion, and there was a smilar sense of deep, longtime friendship among them. And if there is one place where the energy was at an all time high, it was certainly the dance floor! The awesome 90s hits they played had everyone - including us - in a blissfully nostalgic mood that spread across the packed dancefloor.

Continuing on the theme of energy, we stuck Vanessa and Rob out to the beach during dinnertime, just as a storm was rolling in. The wind was intense, but the sunset peeking out from behind those storm clouds was just stunning. Willing and trusting, these troopers trekked along on the rocks for us. The whole ordeal lasted all but a few minutes, and we returned with out-of-control windswept hair and sandboxes in our shoes... but we were giddy. It kind of felt like now the four of us were in on a secret, having experienced this mini adventure together.

Vanessa and Rob, thank you for selecting us to capture the wonderful energy of your wedding. You can see out favorites by clicking on the arrows above.