Kathleen + Stephen

Most couples will search and search for the perfect elements to pull their wedding day together, but for Kathleen and Stephen, it seems that things just sort of found them. They recalled to us how they fell in love with the imperfectness of Grassmere Farms in upstate New York. At the time of their first (winter) visit, there were no windows, running water, or lights, but these were mere details in the grand scheme of things. They knew that this was just the right kind of rustic, raw space that they could dress up and warm up for their big day. The band that was destined to play at their wedding also came from the most unlikely of place: the New York City subway. Kathleen heard the buskers while on her commute, and she knew she had found the right sound for the day. Every element selected to be included in Kathleen and Stephen's wedding day was special and meaningful to them, down to the release of Chinese lanterns, Kathleen's family's cottage tradition. But perhaps the sweetest of all was the presence of their adorable dog Olive, who got ready with the girls, walked down the aisle, and mingled with guests throughout the evening. She fit right into every part of the day as it unfolded, and there was no doubt about it: she belonged there.

Our congratulations go out to Kathleen and Stephen for not only tying the knot, but for doing it in such a wonderfully whimsical and unique way that was true to them. Well done, you two, and thank you for selecting Daniel and I to document it.

Allie + Sam

I don't think a single wedding goes by without me getting a little choked up at one point or another. At Allie and Sam's wedding, it was the moment when, escorted by her parents, Allie began her walk down the aisle to the beautiful, powerful voices of an opera group. Sam is a big fan of the opera, and having these singers for both their processional and recessional was his only request for their wedding day. For Allie, these powerful moments of emotion occurred all through the day, and I just loved watching emotion wash over her. She bowed her head and closed her eyes as Sam read the vows he had written for her, taking every word in, and she laughed and shook her head slowly in disbelief the first time someone used the word "husband" to refer to him. She lived her wedding day one moment at a time, savouring every one individually. And Sam, well, Sam was a rock. He was on top of things; a man of action, yet calm and collected. The perfect groom, really. And when it came time to talk about Allie - or every time he looked at her, really - everyone could see him melt a little. And who could blame him? Allie channelled the glamour of an old fashioned movie star  in her fitted wedding gown and her mother's 1970s repurposed veil. The entire day unfolded perfectly, a string of special moments, flowing organically from the moment Allie slipped into her wedding dress, to the last dance of the night. Thank you, Allie and Sam; we are so grateful to be the ones selected to document it all.