Nadia + Lawrence

We were connected with Nadia and Lawrence through what we like to call our "Taiwanese Connection" (because it makes us sound really hardcore and mysterious). This connection is actually our former bride Grace, whose wedding to Yitao we photographed in Taipei back in 2011. We had such a great time with these two and the feeling must have been mutual because we have since traveled to Japan and Bhutan for weddings that she recommended us for. It was notable that Nadia and Lawrence's wedding in California's wine country would be the first time we saw this group of friends outside of Asia! After working as an unofficial wedding consultant for her friends, we were both thrilled and unsurprised when Grace announced that she would be the official wedding planner for this wedding, a business she hopes to continue expanding. The weddings we had the pleasure of documenting in Taiwan, Japan, and Bhutan were all so unique in their own way, and Nadia and Lawrence's was no exception. They chose Sonoma for its undeniable beauty and delicious wine, and we got all that and then some at Kunde Estate. They picked only their favorite Taiwanese tradition, the door games, and kept the rest of the day nice and simple with a short ceremony officiated by a friend, followed by cocktails, a first dance, dinner, and a few speeches.

Don't think that because the traditional Taiwanese part of the day was short that this means the girls took it easy on Lawrence and his groomsmen! In order for Lawrence to earn the right to see Nadia, the guys had to reenact some complicated gymnastics poses, pop balloons between their legs, and remove pantyhose from over their faces without using their hands. But it was all worth it once the two were reunited again, and we finally got to witness the sweetness between them. Daniel and I got to spend some additional time with Nadia and Lawrence as we took them around the property for portraits, and the kindness and respect they have for one another was evidenced by the sweet, helpful gestures they offer each other. Getting around a vineyard in a wedding dress has it's challenges, but Lawrence was always up for lending his bride a helpful hand.

It was an honor to share in the lovely union of these two individuals, in the always stunning setting of California's finest landscapes. Thank you to Grace, Lawrence and Nadia for making us a part of it.

Vanisha + Chris

Our history as two couples has very much been intertwined since we first struck up a friendship five years ago. We bonded over sushi, wine and hockey games; first as newly dating couples... and now, today, as two married couples. For this reason, the story of Chris and Vanisha's wedding is one that is very close to our hearts.

When it was time for Chris to propose to Vanisha (and we all agreed it was time!), Daniel helped Chris pick out a ring, that we then brought with us to Mexico where we were all headed for our own wedding. And on the eve of our wedding, by the ocean where Daniel and I would exchange vows the very next day, Chris asked Vanisha to marry him. When she said yes, we had the great honor to be the first ones to congratulate them and share a very tearful hug with them.

When it came to planning their own big day, Chris and Vanisha knew what they wanted: a small, intimate affair in Napa Valley, a place they had always dreamt of visiting. Despite the painful task of limiting their guest list to just their parents, their sisters and Daniel and I, they stuck to their dream wedding plan.

There was something so beautiful about watching them exchange vows in the carriage house at the Charles Krug winery - a room big enough to hold hundreds of people, yet only had 8 people bearing witness to this special moment. We mused that there was just enough space to hold the invisible presence of their many friends and family who were absent.

Sharing their tiny yet magical wedding days was one of the most special moments of our lives. And, well, needless to say, we just love them so much.