Alyson + Justin

I think we knew we were going to be friends with Alyson and Justin the minute we met them, but when we met up with them in Boston (where they live) a few weeks before their wedding, our brunch-turned-12-hour-day together really confirmed it. These two are just a bundle of positive, happy energy; it is just impossible not to just completely let go when you're around them. It is this comfort that has led us to many boundary-less conversations, warm sincere hugs, and their upcoming visit to stay with us here in Montreal. Having gotten to know them, it comes to no surprise that over 100 people came by either air or water to the island of Nantucket to celebrate their union. It didn't take long for everyone, us included, to understand why Alyson insisted on (and succeeded in!) convincing Justin to hold their wedding there. Lobster rolls, grey cedar shake covered homes, and 3 light houses (oh the light houses!), the island was just incredible to discover and to photograph. And Alyson and Justin, with all their undeniable joie-de-vivre (here's some French for ya!), made it all the more wonderful.

We feel so lucky to have met these two and to have had the pleasure of documenting such a beautiful celebration. You can check out of favorites above and click here to view their slideshow.