Annalie + Haig

Being selected as a couple's wedding photographer means they want to look back at their wedding photos and remember their special day through our eyes. Trusting our vision is the best compliment we could ever receive from a couple. When a fellow wedding photographer gets married, that honor is particularly great, and the pressure is definitely on! Annalie is a wedding photographer here in Montreal, and we have had the pleasure of getting to know her and Haig over the last few years. From their backgrounds, you'd think that they are as different as two people can get: Annalie is from Irish/Scottish decents, and Haig is Armenian. But after just a few minutes in their presence, you just know that you are witness to something real and beautiful. Annalie and Haig stuck together throughout the planning of their wedding, opting for a cozy ceremony and cocktail dinner, despite how different it was from what their families were used to. It takes a lot of courage to throw a wedding that is true to your relationship, despite what those around you might be thinking. And the result was a beautiful, intimate celebration, filled to the brim with good old fashioned love.

Annalie and Haig, we are so happy to see the two of you married and happy. Thank you for trusting us so completely.