Vanessa + Rob

We often get asked what makes a great wedding. Is it location? A good looking couple? Nice decor? If we were to pick one single "thing" that makes a wedding great, it would, without a doubt, be great energy. The energy that is given off by happy, happy people has got to be one of the best things in the world. When we met Vanessa and Rob in Cape Cod, we felt that energy right away. The way they look at each other and laugh with each other seems as though they are in on a secret inside joke. Even if you're not in on it, you still can't help but smile. Their friends and family seemed thrilled to be reunited for the occasion, and there was a smilar sense of deep, longtime friendship among them. And if there is one place where the energy was at an all time high, it was certainly the dance floor! The awesome 90s hits they played had everyone - including us - in a blissfully nostalgic mood that spread across the packed dancefloor.

Continuing on the theme of energy, we stuck Vanessa and Rob out to the beach during dinnertime, just as a storm was rolling in. The wind was intense, but the sunset peeking out from behind those storm clouds was just stunning. Willing and trusting, these troopers trekked along on the rocks for us. The whole ordeal lasted all but a few minutes, and we returned with out-of-control windswept hair and sandboxes in our shoes... but we were giddy. It kind of felt like now the four of us were in on a secret, having experienced this mini adventure together.

Vanessa and Rob, thank you for selecting us to capture the wonderful energy of your wedding. You can see out favorites by clicking on the arrows above.

Ashley + Andreas

It was oh-so easy for us to fall in love with Ashley and Andreas' wedding. For one thing, it had many similarities to our own wedding, including the exact same guest count. It also took place in one of our favorite locations, the Cape, which was the perfect midpoint for their family and friends who came from Germany and California. And, well, let's just say it was not difficult to be captivated by their stunning good looks and their impecable taste. Ashley's vintage Monique Lhuillier dress and sequined flapper-inspired number were both equally swoon-worthy, and even Daniel had to comment on Andreas' handsome German features! But I think that the best part of this wedding was the magic. On what was an otherwise rainy and gloomy weekend, we experienced one of the most sudden, unexpected, and beautiful sunsets we've ever seen, just as Ashley and Andreas were heading out for a post-ceremony row on the pond. It lasted exactly 13 minutes, just enough time for them to spend some quiet time together on the rowboat and for us to grab a few scene setting portraits. There is no other way to describe it, other than magical.

You can scroll through our favorite images from the day above, and click HERE to see their full slideshow.