Sonja + Levi

When we meet people for the first time and tell them that we are wedding photographers, we always get the same question: What is the craziest/best/worst/most amazing wedding you've ever seen? My answer is always the same, honest, albeit perhaps a bit disappointing: It's a tough question to answer, because all weddings are different, and all people are different. Couples choose to get married in so many different ways, and that's what makes our job so interesting. When we met Sonja the day before the wedding, everyone was setting up for the next day around her parents' property. "I don't know if this is all going to come together!" she expressed to us. "These are all random ideas that we've had, and hopefully it will all work out tomorrow!" I reminded her that her vision would work, because the day they planned had one common thread: her and Levi, and the fact that these are things that they love. Their idea for their perfect wedding was to have a fun and festive day, with guests invited to play lawn games, drink beer from an ice-filled canoe, and later in the evening, dance to the music of a local live band. It was going to be very casual, they told us; a typical Nova Scotia wedding.

And that's exactly what it was. Not fussy, low key, and lots of fun, just like Sonja and Levi. Sonja even changed into jeans for the reception, keeping the top part of her custom made ensemble from her wedding dress and her lace ankle booties. Guests had a blast, Sonja and Levi tied the knot, and at the end of the day, that is what makes a successful wedding!

Liliana + Richard

Lily and Richard are probably one of the most adventurously unique couples we've ever met. But don't take it from me, consider this email we received from Richard a few months before their wedding: "Lily and I have a really terrible automatic defence system when we get overwhelmed - we grab backpacks, find cheap tickets to anywhere, and disappear. Right now we're in the jungle in the south of Mexico. One time we freaked out and ended up in Jerusalem. Another time it was north Africa. 2 years and 20 countries later we're just accepting that it's a joint character flaw." I don't know that I'd call it a flaw... more like an incredible mutual sense of adventure. Naturally, after all of this, we were more than intrigued to see how these two would translate their relationship into a wedding. Well, what they did, is throw a beautiful ceremony and reception in Lily's parents' backyard in downtown Toronto, complete with a trip to the farm, a Dr. Seuss reading, mariachis, an oyster bar in the garage, Chinese lanterns and a blues band. In other words, it was perfectly "them."