THE LEE FAMILY | Paris, France

You might remember the Lee Family from two years ago. We travelled to Taiwan to document their family vacation to Sun Moon Lake when Esme was a feisty 2 year old and Flynn was a sleepy newborn. We were supposed to meet up with them again last year at Disney World, but unfortunately their trip was cancelled at the last minute so we missed the opportunity to photograph them there (side note, this might have been for the best as I was freshly pregnant with our daughter Charlie and let’s just say the Happiest Place on Earth was the “Puke-iest” place on earth for me!)

This time, we met up in Paris, one of our favourite cities, and we got to be the translators for a change! While the kids have grown significantly, a lot has remained the same: good appetites (I cannot get enough of watching Esme eat!), followed closely by food-comas, diaper changes on the go, tons of personality, and the occasional meltdown of course (Flynn’s turn now!).

While we love photographing weddings, there is something so incredibly special about documenting a family vacation. Travelling with our own kids is one of our greatest joys in life and being there to document the experience for another family is just so special. I love the idea that Esme and Flynn looking through these photo albums years in the future, looking back on experiences that shaped them despite not having any memories of. I just hope that our images can allow them to see how sweet and spirited and hilarious they are, and how loved they are by their parents.

We are excited to keep this tradition going and look forward to many more trips with the Lee Family!


  1. Mike Cure

    Great history! Is gratifying when the bride and groom invite you to continue being a part of their life.

  2. Erika

    These are awesome! I especially like the one of the biker’s shadow.

  3. enric ros

    Maravilloso!! Extraordinario reportaje. Ha merecido la pena que estos dos grandes artistas vengan de Canadá a París a hacer esto. Comgratulations !!!.

  4. enric ros

    Lo he vuelto a ver en pantalla grande. Cuanto mas lo veo mas me sorprendo. Despues de este excelso, insuperable y casi divino reportaje, pasaran decades para que alguien ( o ellos mismos) lo puedan superar. Con este reportaje Han demostrado que son los mejores del Planeta fotografiando a niños en el gran París de La France.

  5. Zsolt

    Love your awesome work. Did you use fuji or nikon here? Thanks.


If you follow me on social media, you probably know how much of a hockey (especially Canadiens) fan I am. Over the last few years, photography has allowed me to get closer to the team than most can ever dream of, and I’ve had the privilege of documenting behind the scenes on numerous occasions for the “Habs”, spending time in the locker room & gym with players, and even watching playoff games from the end of the team bench. Whenever my phone rings, and the caller ID reads a number from the Bell Centre, I run to pick it up. Last fall was no different when I was introduced to Chaunette and Andrew (yes, that’s Andrew Shaw, the feisty forward we’ve come to love!), who are set to get married this summer. Though they had already booked their wedding photographer, they wanted to have their engagement photos in old Montreal, to capture their new city, having just moved a couple months earlier (Andrew had just been acquired from the Chicago Blackhawks). We spent a couple of hours roaming around the cobblestone streets, watching Andrew speed ahead of us in his crutches (from a little injury the night before), mixing talk about hockey & their new life in Montreal, and stopping for some portraits of the two of them, of course.

It was another memorable experience for me, and I really enjoyed getting to know these high school sweethearts. Chaunette & Andrew, I wish you guys a beautiful wedding this summer, and Andrew, I hope to be there with you on the ice when we (finally!) lift the cup in Montreal!


  1. Sean LeBlanc

    Awesome Daniel! What a great experience for you.

  2. Monika

    Absolutely lovely job! Love the industrial feel of photos.

  3. enric ros

    Beautiful photos law key aprovechando el cabello de la modelo.

  4. sabitaroy

    Absolutely 100% lovely job! Love the industrial feel of photos.

BETINA + MARC-ETIENNE | Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC

We met Betina 5 years ago, when she was a photography student applying to be our associate photographer. It was impossible not to like her; she is, quite possibly, the sweetest human being we’ve ever met. Her passion for photography was evident, as was her talent, but it was her hard work practicing her craft, begging for critiques even when it was hard for her to hear what we had to say, that was really admirable. This commitment certainly paid off and she has become an absolutely incredible wedding, family and street photographer, as well as a skilled editor for our post-production company, The Image Salon. But beyond being an awesome associate photographer and editor, anyone who is lucky enough to know her will tell you that she is just a truly wonderful friend.

Which is why when Betina came to us one morning, her big eyes full of tears, with the news that Marc-Etienne had proposed over the weekend, we immediately offered to be their photographers. Nothing was going to prevent us from being there; not even giving birth to our daughter Charlie just 2 weeks prior to their wedding! (Luckily I felt great!)

With Betina’s family coming all the way from Brazil, the day was all about family… the family that Betina made for herself in Canada through friendships, Marc-Etienne’s family who took her as their own, and of course this new giant family all coming together to celebrate. As a wedding photographer herself, Betina has seen a lot of weddings and she knew the ingredients to the perfect wedding day: emotion + dance party. And that’s exactly what they managed to achieve. The energy was so perfect all throughout the day that even 2 week old Charlie seemed to sense it, as she was just perfectly sweet all day, allowing her parents to do their thing.

We feel so lucky to have been the ones to photograph this family reunion of a wedding day, for a really special couple. We love you, Betina and Marc-Etienne, thank you for trusting us to document it all!


  1. Betina

    Thank you so much for such beautiful words and the most wonderful memories of this day! Charlie and Max have the most amazing parents 🙂

  2. Daisy

    These are soooo beautiful. Every one of them.

  3. Erik

    True emotions caught on camera. Great job Daniel!

  4. Sharan Rai

    Beautiful images of what looks like an amazing wedding! Love the colours!

  5. Alena

    wow..!! what a lovely pictures, all pictures and nice like your blog, thank you for share this.

  6. Sergio Cuesta

    Stunning, amazing images. I have no words to describe your work. I really love them. You made me happy for a while when looking at them, thankyou.

  7. Mihai medves

    Thanks for sharing beautiful photographs. Very nice photographs captured by wedding photographer.