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If you follow me on social media, you probably know how much of a hockey (especially Canadiens) fan I am. Over the last few years, photography has allowed me to get closer to the team than most can ever dream of, and I’ve had the privilege of documenting behind the scenes on numerous occasions for the “Habs”, spending time in the locker room & gym with players, and even watching playoff games from the end of the team bench. Whenever my phone rings, and the caller ID reads a number from the Bell Centre, I run to pick it up. Last fall was no different when I was introduced to Chaunette and Andrew (yes, that’s Andrew Shaw, the feisty forward we’ve come to love!), who are set to get married this summer. Though they had already booked their wedding photographer, they wanted to have their engagement photos in old Montreal, to capture their new city, having just moved a couple months earlier (Andrew had just been acquired from the Chicago Blackhawks). We spent a couple of hours roaming around the cobblestone streets, watching Andrew speed ahead of us in his crutches (from a little injury the night before), mixing talk about hockey & their new life in Montreal, and stopping for some portraits of the two of them, of course.

It was another memorable experience for me, and I really enjoyed getting to know these high school sweethearts. Chaunette & Andrew, I wish you guys a beautiful wedding this summer, and Andrew, I hope to be there with you on the ice when we (finally!) lift the cup in Montreal!


  1. Sean LeBlanc

    Awesome Daniel! What a great experience for you.

  2. Monika

    Absolutely lovely job! Love the industrial feel of photos.

  3. enric ros

    Beautiful photos law key aprovechando el cabello de la modelo.

Deniz + Khoa | Istanbul, Turkey

Deniz and Khoa’s engagement session in Istanbul was one of many firsts and mosts for us. For starters, it was Daniel and I’s first time in the beautiful country of Turkey. It is also furthest we’ve ever travelled for an engagement session, and the first time we’ve ever travelled with a couple before their wedding. As it turns out, Deniz and Khoa were very compatible travel parters for Daniel and I. Having grown up in Istanbul, Deniz proved to be an excellent tour guide; taking us to all the sights and suggesting what and where we should eat (For the foodies, highlights were: Turkish breakfast – especially the fried cheese; Lahmacun – a Turkish pizza of sorts; mastic ice cream; salt-crusted fish flambe; and my personal favorite, Cigkofte – the most delicious raw meat I’ve ever had).

We spent a total of three days in Istanbul with Deniz and Khoa, and when we weren’t eating, we were visiting the sights – Aya Sophia, Dolmabahçe palace, Kapalı Çarşı (the Grand Bazaar) – and of course taking photos. On our last day, they treated us to a very unique and traditional experience: the Turkish bath, or Hamam. If traveling with these two hadn’t yet bonded us, then for Khoa and Daniel, and Deniz and I, being scrubbed down in a hot room while half naked was sure to do the trick!

I have to say, I think taking a trip together is probably the best way we’ve ever gotten to know a couple. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know a place that is so meaningful to both Deniz and Khoa, and to have done their engagement photos there. And to think, this trip was just part one… we are so excited to join them in Turks and Caicos for their wedding next month!


  1. Urška

    Simply amazing! The way you work with light…gorgeous!

  2. Khoa

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderfully amazing photographs and heartfelt words! Both took me back to those 3 amazing days with you two!

  3. Juya

    incredible vision!!!

  4. Elisha

    Absolutely gorgeous set! Love the use of ambient light in the chandelier image. Bravo!

  5. andi

    wow, these are simply stunning! amazing.

  6. Daniel Stark

    super awesome–love them all! we’re going to turkey in september. we’ll have to talk turkey soon! 🙂

  7. Tiffany

    We already hired a photographer for our July, Turks and Caicos Wedding but how I wished we had found you both first. All the photographs are beautiful. This is one lucky couple!!

  8. tina

    Incredible work as usual D & D ! I love the way you played with light and composition.

Heather + Robbie | Miami, FL

It is always a little nerve wracking to meet a couple/clients for the first time, but for some reason, we were particularly nervous about meeting Heather and Robbie. I think it’s because we will be spending a lot of time with them; between their engagement session, rehearsal dinner and wedding, so there was a lot riding on this relationship. But the moment we met them at the Viscaya gardens in Miami, all our worries disappeared. The longer we walked around this beautiful location with this beautiful couple, the more we liked them.

There are few couples who can keep up with us, but Heather and Robbie kept the energy up for 3 whole hours –  props to Heather who did it all in heels AND with her mom and sister standing watch! These two brought the sexy for us, despite having tourists and family members as an audience, and for that they earned our utmost respect!

We cannot wait to return to Miami for their wedding this summer at the W hotel. In the meantime, here are a few of our favorites from their engagement session.


  1. Fernando berani

    Always it´s a pleasure to visit your blog. Amazing pictures.

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    A Very romantic and intimate session, great work!

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    amazing you guys. These are gorgeous!

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    I love seeing these and have been waiting to see them since key largo. Amazing work!!

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    very very great!!!

  6. Brian

    beautiful captures of both the couple and the landscape. can’t wait to have a weather like this in montreal! 🙂

  7. Micah

    this is just getting silly. you guys are unstoppable. love the first and last shots especially. keep up the grab work!

  8. Micah

    this is just getting silly. you guys are unstoppable. love the first and last shots especially. keep up the great work!

  9. Jose LUis

    An extraordinary story, congratulations from Spain

  10. daniel stark

    sweet images and what a killer location. nice work double d 🙂

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    how can you be so good??? love your work.

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    Compadre que buenos cuadros !! Congrats!

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    Discovered your site today! All I can saw is WOW!!

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    Really love this pic!!!!