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This story begins with secrets, lies, and double-lives… sort of.

When Clarice and Stanley planned their trip from Hong Kong to Canada to visit Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains, Stanley suggested that Clarice bring a wedding dress so they could set up a tripod and take some pre-wedding photographs (a typical Chinese tradition). They are both photography enthusiasts so it seemed like a good idea. What Clarice didn’t know, however, is that Stanley was planning on surprising her with two human tripods (named Davina and Daniel) AND an engagement ring!

We picked up Clarice and Stanley at their hotel in Banff after location scouting for the previous two days and I think we may have been even more nervous than Stanley! We kept our real names, but the story was that we were friends of Stanley’s cousin, fellow photography enthusiasts who happened to be in Banff at the same time as them, who would show them around since we had a rental car and they don’t drive. When we got to Lake Minnewanka, selected for the proposal spot for its privacy, I nervously asked Clarice and Stanley if they wanted us to take a photo of them on the rocks. I nodded to Stanley to take the ring out of his backpack while I distracted Clarice, and convinced her to leave her backpack with me. There wasn’t a single tourist around as they climbed the rocks, posed for a photo and Stanley got down on one knee and presented her with a sparkly engagement ring to the sound of a music box he had hidden in his pocket. A shocked and thrilled Clarice said “yes!” and we all got a little teary-eyed.

Able to finally reveal our real identities to Clarice, we were excited to tell them about all the great spots we’d be exploring the next day. All four of us were visiting Banff for the first time and it was truly spectacular. To have the opportunity to photograph Clarice and Stanley against these breathtaking backdrops was an experience that we will never forget. We could not have asked for a sweeter, more willing couple to go on this adventure with.

Thank you, Stanley, for inviting us along, and to Clarice for embracing the surprise and the adventure!

To see a photo from the proposal itself, head over to our Instagram page where we post behind-the-scenes photos of our travels and photoshoots, as well as (embarrassing) photos from the last 10 years of Davina + Daniel.


  1. Ben Chrisman

    just your standard, run of the mill greatness with every frame. so inspiring you two!

  2. Lanny Mann

    D + D are back! And dropping the mic all over our terrain! Way to kill it, guys!

  3. Boutonnet

    Back on track! So happy to see your pics again

  4. Andrew Thompson

    The view is amazing and the pictures are stunning.

  5. Ruchi

    The image left me speechless for a moment. Spellbound indeed.

Nadine + Andy | Austin, TX

We first met Nadine a year ago, when she attended a workshop we were giving in Toronto. It is easy to hit it off with a fellow wedding photographer, and it was particularly easy to love Nadine. She has an enthusiasm for the art of photography and an eagerness to learn that is, quite simply, inspiring.

When Nadine found out that we were going to be in Austin for another workshop, she immediately contacted Daniel and I for a portrait session with her husband Andy. We had never met him before but knew we would hit it off because 1. We already loved Nadine, 2. They live in Austin, one the coolest cities we’ve ever been to, 3. He is an improv actor and teacher, and 4. They are foodies like us. So on a Friday afternoon, we got together with Nadine and Andy and went on a best of Austin tour, complete with stops at the Austin mural, the “i love you so much” graffiti wall, and a classic airstream park. In between stops, Nadine and Andy treated us to some of Austin’s best food trucks… and oh what a feast it was (I’m currently craving the pork buns from The Liberty…)! We cannot wait to return to Austin for more!


  1. David Josué

    my locos! this is very sweet and austonish!

  2. Shauna

    Nadine!! These are so fabulous…. You are one gorgeous couple.. Davina, Daniel, a brilliant job as always. Love!!

  3. Jose Miranda

    Your work is always fresh and fun. I love this.

  4. nadine

    LOVE! Andy and I love the “I love you so much” photo. We’re going to have to get that on our wall somewhere 🙂 Thank you!

  5. damon

    Really nice casual session !!! love the colors !!

  6. Fernando Colaço

    You sure are great photographers. Your work is awesome with a great knowledge of what is a photographic camera. Your color control is a lesson. That´s what happen with the first photo: color, color and color magnificent combined. Fantastic.

  7. Derrick Rice

    Awesome Nadine!! We are going to have some portraits done with the amazing D+D duo one day. Love #2 and #$4.

  8. mario

    cool shots!

  9. Robert

    Love this punch colours