Day of the Dead

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Oaxaca to attend a workshop with David Alan Harvey, and spend 8 days photographing the Day of the Dead festivities. David is an incredible photographer who has been shooting assignments for National Geographic for many years, and is part of the prestigious Magnum association. His body of work is a big inspiration to us, to say the least. "Dia de los Muertos" is, in simple words, a celebration of death. It's a week-long festival like no other, during which locals & tourists gather in different parts of town, dance, drink mezcal, and remember loved ones. Though it might seem like a sombre topic, it was really beautiful to see how the people of Oaxaca take pride in this holiday, and are happy to talk about the ones who have passed on.

During the 8 days, we travelled to small towns, remote cemeteries, and took in the culture in many different ways. Above, you will find a few of my favourite images, and you can browse through more on our KUDA site, which is dedicated to our travel & commercial work. I have uploaded more photos there, with captions, which tell a little bit more about the story. Visit the site HERE.

Several photographers have asked me why I took this workshop and what I have gotten out of it. As an artist, I simply never feel like I am done growing, and am always thirsty to learn something new. It's the same reason why we attend conferences & listen to other photographers speak. I have always admired David's career, and knew that he would be someone I would love to learn more from. My goal was to learn more about building a story, especially in a setting outside of weddings.David pushed me to capture images with more soul, emotion, and to shoot from the heart. It took me a few days to grasp the concept, but it eventually clicked with me. At the end of the workshop, the entire class put a group slideshow together, which was presented in front of the art community and locals, at a gallery in Oaxaca. It was truly a memorable experience.

A special thank you goes out to David, for his mentorship & guidance, as well as to all of the fellow classmates, who were a continuous source of inspiration and support during the week. And of course, none of it would be possible without my beautiful Davina, who acted as my photo editor from back home, helping me narrow down my images & pick the best ones from each day for critiques.