Magali + Stefan

On this blog, I get the opportunity to express how special the couples we photograph are, and how much we value the bond that we build with them. This post is particularly unique and special to me, as I have been building a bond with this bride for almost 27 years. Magali and I are cousins, but we are so much more than that; we have been constant friends since we were born. Our parents tell us that we traded our pacifiers and got into trouble together (like the time we climbed onto the kitchen table and ate butter), and our friendship continued throughout our teenage years and into adulthood. I probably share more embarrassing memories and inside jokes with her than with anyone else in the world, and we know each other better than almost anyone. So when Stefan came around when we were just 18, I wasn't too sure what to make of him... he had a lot to live up to! But it wasn't too long before this goofy and silly little man made his way into our hearts too, and it's been pretty hard to imagine one of them without the other ever since. It is obvious to anyone who meets these two: they are simply perfect for each other. With Stefan, Magi is the person I have always known and loved: vivacious, happy, and a worthy opponent to her new husband in the 'silly and goofy' category. Stepping back from photography for their special day was a tough task for me, but I knew their wedding memories would be in Daniel's capable hands, as well as those of our associate photographers at Grey Sparrow, Marie-Christine and Jean-Michel. So on a cold winter's day in Montreal, Magali and Stefan stuck to their guns and lived out their dream of an outdoor winter ceremony. Stefan had us all laughing and crying as he shouted out his vows, consisting of lyrics from their favorite songs, for the entire park to hear. The band Minuit, featuring both my father and Magali's, made their second appearance in two years at the reception (the last time was at our wedding in Mexico), and their music ensured that guests never left the dance floor. With MC and JM there, Daniel was more than willing to put his camera down and join the party. As a final personal, musical touch, my sister Arielle and Magali's father led the couple's first dance with a sweet rendition of the Civil Wars' I've Got This Friend.

It was an honor to stand along side one of my best friends as she married a man who we just cannot imagine her without, and I know that it was a pleasure for Daniel, MC and JM to document it. Thanks for being in our lives, Magali and Stefan. We love you so very much!

You can browse through some of our favorite moments from their wedding by clicking on the arrows above. Many of these images were made by Marie-Christine Genero and Jean-Michel Lacombe of Grey Sparrow studio.


The Vendors:

Venue: Parisian Laundry Catering: Java U Coordination: Elyna of Unity Weddings Make-up Artist: Tiffany of Victoria Tiffany Flowers: Mother of the bride Cake: Ashley, Friend of the bride Band: Minuit Dress: Anne-Jean Michel Bride's Shoes: Kate Spade Groom's suit: Penguin Groom's shoes: Vans