Christine + Vikram

Laughter. That is Christine and Vik's 3 day wedding celebration in Mexico summed up in one word. Nothing, not even when a rainy sky pushed their beach reception into one of the resort's restaurants, could stop these two from having a good time. In fact, after a very wet Indian ceremony, they just took a dip in the pool, with Christine still in her very heavy sari. The beautiful Dreams Riviera in Cancun played host to the multi-day affair, from the Vatna, where their enthusiastic guests smeared Vik with turmeric paste (mustard also found it's way in there), to the Baraat, where Vik made his grand entrance on a horse. From start to finish, this wedding was an absolutely joy. We broke our record for the most photos we've ever taken and had the time of our lives.

The day after their wedding day (after Christine and Vik generously sent us to the spa for massages), we took a rocky ferry ride to Isla Mujeres for some portraits. We had suggested this location for its local Mexican feel, rocky cliffs, and proximity to Cancun, but having never been there ourselves, we were crossing our fingers that this location would be worth the trip... and it most certainly was!

Christine and Vik, we are so happy to have had the pleasure of documenting your epic wedding. We look forward to travelling to India with you sometime in the next few years!

As always, you can browse through our favorites above, and we invite you to take a look at their full slideshow by clicking HERE.