Witnessing, sharing, and capturing joy is the highlight of our jobs. When we photographed the wedding of Tracy and Richard last November, there was an abundance of it, and out of this joyous union, we got two new friends. It was over poutine a few months later that Tracy and Richard announced that they were expecting their second child - yes, a wedding night baby! - and that they would love for us to be there to capture this momentous occasion as well. So about 9 months after we photographed their wedding, and 10 days before Tracy was due, we woke up to a text message from Richard; "it's time." Completely unprepared for what we were about to witness, we rushed off to the hospital where we would spend the next few hours in complete awe of Tracy. When Dylan finally greeted us, it was, hands down, the most profoundly beautiful moment we've ever witnessed. I sobbed from behind my camera as we first saw his face.

Joy, as it turns out, has a whole new meaning when a couple meets their baby for the very first time. We have now witnessed the most raw of human emotions and the most pure of human moments. It was, quite simply, magical.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity given to us by Tracy, Richard and Dylan. We feel forever bonded by this most intimate of experiences. We also thank them for allowing us to share some of our favorite frames with you. (Keep clicking through; the opening photo repeats itself for story-telling purposes)