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NORA + NIKLAS | Oelde, Germany

We rarely get the opportunity to meet our couples in person prior to their wedding, but Nora and Niklas actually live in Montreal so we were looking forward to meeting them when we made plans over a year before their wedding date. That day, however, Nora and Niklas had the very best excuse for cancelling our meeting at the last minute: Nora was in labor! When we finally did meet them several weeks later, there were 3 of them: little Max (great name, right?!) had joined them.

Nora and Niklas are German, but moved to Montreal a few years ago for Niklas’s family business. They’ve made new friends in Canada and started their family, but their home and their roots remain in Germany, so they returned there to tie the knot. Lucky for us, they brought Canadian photographers along!

Like many European weddings, an intimate civil ceremony kicked things off on day 1, followed by a church ceremony, afternoon cake, and dinner and dancing later in the evening on day 2. The events unfolded at a relaxed and enjoyable pace, and it was very much a family affair. I particularly enjoyed seeing how German parents allowed their kids to explore and experience things around them so freely. Their curiosity for every part of the wedding day added a really beautiful layer to the story. And of course, it felt especially special to have Nora and Niklas’s little Max there to witness his parents’ special day. He may not remember it, but I hope he enjoys seeing himself in the photos as he grows up. (Side note: our own son Max is 3 years old now and loves looking through our wedding album!)

Nora and Niklas, thank you for allowing us the privilege of documenting your wedding in the German countryside. Exploring a part of the world that we otherwise would likely have never seen was a bonus to witnessing the love that surrounds you as a couple.


  1. Helga Panthel

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time, even little Max 😍 Very lovely memories for the happy couple. Good luck always!!!! 💕💕


    Absolutely stunning work!

  3. Heather

    I love these images! Would love to shoot in germany one day 🙂 keep it up!

  4. Nataly Malcon

    It`s amazing! Very beautiful photos! Awesome!

  5. Heather

    Stunning gallery and some amazing compositions! Good job!