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RINA + ANTHONY | Koh Samui, Thailand

Whenever we have the immense privilege of photographing other wedding photographers’ getting hitched, we know it’s going to be good. And not just good, but different,  because let’s face it, they’ve seen hundreds of weddings first hand and when it’s their turn, they want to do it their way!

Rina and Anthony, wedding photographers out of Edmonton, Alberta, thought long and hard about how they were going to make their wedding special. They knew they wanted a very intimate, destination wedding, where they could relax and enjoy with their guests. When they couldn’t find the perfect venue in Hawaii, they searched the island of Koh Samui, Thailand and found exactly what they were looking for: a modern house with stunning views and room for everyone.

So in early November, just as it was getting cold in Canada, we all headed way East and way South to the beautiful island of Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. We met up with Rina, Anthony, and a dozen of their closest friends for a week of fresh fish, Pad Thais, snorkelling, walks on the beach, massages, and a boat trip of course.

On the wedding day, the men went through a series of challenges and traditional Chinese games hosted by the women before both sides went their separate ways to get ready. Following a first look, for which Rina wore a casual dress to save her wedding dress for the ceremony, guests gathered for cocktails and speeches by the pool. Every single guest in attendance got up to say something about the couple which resulted in a lot of laughs and a surprising amount of tears (Rina didn’t think Anthony would cry!). The testimonials pointed out many traits we had witnessed ourselves over the last few days: Rina’s infectious, bubbly personality (she actually physically bounces around when she’s excited!) and the couple’s generous and giving spirits. A touching twilight ceremony on the beach officiated by their best friend as well as the release of balloons and Chinese lanterns perfectly wrapped up the emotional part of the day and set the stage for their colourful and lively dance party reception back at the house. A packed dance floor is hard to achieve at any event, yet this guest list of merely a dozen managed to accomplish this daunting task! The night ended with a much anticipated, refreshing swim in the pool.

Rina and Anthony placed a lot of trust in us, including choosing their ceremony location, and when we suggested a visit to an elephant farm for some portraits, they didn’t even bat an eye. The elephant proved to be much more unpredictable and messy than any of us had anticipated, but Rina and Anthony laughed their way through everything. We had a blast documenting this fun week in paradise and we thank Rina and Anthony for taking us along for the ride!



  1. Víctor

    Congratulations!. great job!
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    AWWWWWWWWWW. Love you both. I’m crying with your beautiful words as well . You both are truly awesome!!!!!!! Love you

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    Holy crap! Insanely good work, you guys.

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    Wow!!! Every single image is stunning!

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    I held my breath all the way to the end. Wow! Just amazing.

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    wow, really beautiful. Love it

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    Awesome job the way you captured Rina and Anthony’s relationship. The pictures brought tears to my eyes

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    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple! Amazing!

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    REALLY love this one!! Beautiful emotion, pure, original photographs. And I can tell how hard you guys worked every scene. Fantastic job.

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    WHAT! Amazing, amazing, amazing work! Jaw dropping!

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    Amazing photos! Its a beautiful wedding story!

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    Guys it is good to see your pictures! As always, really beautiful and inspiring. I especially love the one in the shower with the blue tones, magic.

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    Thanks for sharing these. Found you from the SLR Lounge top 100. Nice to see your work and get some inspiration!

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    Just went through your 3 of your most recent posts and I’m speechless. Truly inspiring work. 🙂