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Key West… beautiful architecture, nice weather, rich in history, and totally laid back. I really couldn’t think of a more appropriate location for Michelle and Brian’s wedding weekend, which started and ended, with beers in a bar in true Key West fashion.

We first met Michelle and Brian on the docks, as we were about to set sail with their friends and family. With most of the guest list (including us) escaping a particularly frigid winter, everyone was more than happy to spend the day sunbathing on the deck, snorkelling, and drinking margaritas. The night before they had launched the weekend with an official Duval street beer crawl. The island vibe continued on the wedding day, with steel drums and more margaritas, at the historical Hemmingway House. Michelle and Brian exchanged vows in the garden, both referencing Michelle’s forgetfulness and sharing a lot of laughs and quite a few tears and both sides of the family and friends shared touching stories throughout dinner.

Michelle is a wedding photographer, so her close-knit network of fellow DC professionals were there to celebrate, and they did so the way wedding photographers usually do when they are guests at a wedding: they let it all out on the dance floor. Champagne showers, Jersey turnpikes, ice cube spitting (this one is new to me!)… it was a wild night!

Michelle and Brian pulled off something that many brides and grooms dream of, yet few are capable of achieving: a stress-free, easy-going wedding day. It was sweet, and touching, and a ton of fun for everyone there, and we are so grateful to have been a part of it.



  1. Emma Rose

    You guys are off the rails… There’s no formula for what you do. Breathtaking.

  2. Lucas

    Really wonderfully captured! Loved how you documented the wedding and the emotion. Cheers

  3. Ben Chrisman

    This post just kept getting better and better and better …

  4. Tracy

    You guys never cease to amaze. These pictures are unreal.