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MARIANNA + ALFONSO | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Some weddings just have it all. Stunning couple, electric energy, affectionate families, unique location… And some weddings have all of this PLUS traditional giant puppets, an eclectic collection of Mexican folk art, pyrotechnics, and colorful, multi-costumed performers.

Marianna and Alfonso live in Monterey, Mexico, but they chose to have their wedding around San Miguel de Allende so they could have their ceremony at the Sanctuario de Atotonilco, a jaw-dropping Unesco World Heritage church. The crowd of over 500 guests overflowed into the church’s side chapels and out into the street below while cardinals performed a traditional Catholic marriage ceremony and opera singers’ voices echoed against the 300 year old walls. Despite the large guest count, Marianna and Alfonso were in their own little love bubble; exchanging glances, clutching each other’s hands, Marianna affectionately resting her head on Alfonso’s shoulder. It was as though they were alone and this ceremony was just for the two of them. Behind them their families shed tears of joy for these two who are just so obviously in absolute adoration of one another. It was a ceremony that brought goosebumps to my arms and tears to my eyes and one that I will never forget.

Just down the road from the church, the largest tent we’d ever seen was erected in a field, covered in flowers, and filled with 500 dressed-to-the-nines, ready-to-party people! And party they did. All. Night. Long. Glowsticks, props, and even Cassandra, their headless mannequin friend, made an appearance on the dance floor. It was completely and utterly epic.

The next day we took Marianna and Alfonso around the historic town of San Miguel for a few portraits in some of our favorite spots. They trekked along the cobblestone streets like pros, up for absolutely anything we asked of them. Crowds cheered and cars honked in celebration as they passed and it was as though the party continued to follow them wherever they went.

Mexico is our favorite place in the whole world and our weekend celebrating Marianna and Alfonso made us fall in love with it even more. We are so grateful to Marianna’s sister Priscilla (a wedding photographer) for encouraging her sister to get in touch with us and we are so honored to have had the privilege to document their incredible wedding weekend.



  1. Ben Chrisman

    It’s always a treat to see what you two do at a wedding. Such great seeing here.

  2. Priscilla Falcon

    Absolutely breathtaking !!!!! Thank you guys so much, for your kind hearts and amazing art !!!! We love you ?✨?

  3. Veronica

    stunning shots, as usual!

  4. Daniel

    Absolutely next level photography.

  5. Lorena Moeller

    Gracias por estar y ser parte de nuestra alegría. Y captar todos estos momentos que harán que siempre los revivíamos en nuestros corazones ???

  6. Elle

    So beautiful! In love with your work

  7. Christina

    Wow!!! Blown away (not that I’m surprised)… the light, the emotions and the creativity. Just gorgeous!

  8. Patryk Stanisz

    Wow! great wedding and photos! You have captured lots of beautiful emotions!

  9. Mandy

    Love! The moments captured are amazing!

  10. Anthony

    Love this! Great Job!