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KAVYA + PRANAY | Nashville, TN

Kavya and Pranay’s wedding weekend was the perfect expression of East meets West. At the Sangeet, colourful saris danced to the sound of a live American band as hands were tattooed with henna and mouths were fed from BBQ and ice cream food trucks. The Indian tradition of the baraat, when the groom makes his way to the ceremony to the beat of a drum, got a modern twist with a golf cart replacing the traditional elephant. And on the dance floor, Bollywood met urban hip hop. It was the perfect compromise; a fun and modern celebration that honoured their culture’s deep rooted traditions.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in Kavya and Pranay’s wedding weekend, while revisiting one of our favourite American cities. We were welcomed like family and fed endless amounts of delicious Indian food and we couldn’t have asked for anything more!


  1. Sean LeBlanc

    Absolutely stunning photography! I’m always amazed by how you both capture a wedding day. So inspiring…


  2. Kabz

    Absolutely stunning set of images and so refreshing seeing such a dynamic insight to an indian wedding

  3. Carolyn

    Oh boy Daniel and Davina yo guys rocked yet a again! Stunning.

  4. Harry Richards Photography

    These are some of the most consistently brilliant photos I’ve see throughout a full day. You folks are brilliant.

  5. Chiara

    The thing that you have with the light….

  6. Nick Labrum

    Awesome images in here, love the colours!