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This face…

… is responsible for the radio silence on our blog over the last few months!

Almost 3 months ago, on May 11 (Mother’s day!), our son, Max Kudish came into this world, bringing along with him more joy and love than we could ever put into words. We are completely and utterly obsessed with him!

We have also been busy photographing weddings (Max already has stamps in his passport!) and we are excited to share those with you very soon. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse into our last 3 months as a new family.


  1. Lili Kovacs

    Perfect! !!
    Beautiful family and Beautiful baby.
    God bless.

  2. Jenna

    So adorable, all of you. So happy for all this sweetness in your life!!!

  3. Renato dPaula

    Awesome moments to remember. Incredible photos!!!

  4. John

    Such sweet moments with beautiful pictures!
    So happy for you guys!!!

  5. Anita Phillips

    I have to say, these photos are just fantastic! Congratulations and Enjoy your most adorable little guy 🙂

  6. Okimoto

    Wow!!! Amazing moments!!!

  7. lena

    Oh that FACE! Congratulations!

  8. Geoff Barfot

    I love the Eiffel Tower picture! We just had our three and a half month old with us and took a similar photo. Huge congrats you two!

  9. Marisa

    Davina- These pictures are beautiful! Congratulations on the birth of your son and I hope you are your family are happy and healthy.


  10. Lanny

    These are perfect. So happy for you three!

  11. Khanh Nguyen

    This is so beautiful. Congratulations to both of you and I hope to see this little pumpkin at the conference on November 🙂

  12. erin

    These are wonderful.

    The breastfeeding photograph is beautiful and honest. I remember that amazing feeling.

    Enjoy it. Just beautiful.

  13. Emilie

    This kid is going to have the best pics ever!!!! And what a cutie!!!

  14. Nadia

    You guys look adorable! Congrats on so much luck, wishing you the best 🙂

  15. Amir

    These photos are priceless!! Morgan and I are so excited to meet him!!

  16. Nadine

    So much love love love. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.

  17. Francisco Tabasco

    Felicidades chicos por este bebe tan guapo, como se nota que los ojos son como los de Divina.Que disfrutéis mucho.

  18. Glaucia

    Fonte de muita inspiração, estou apaixonada!

  19. Glaucia

    Incredible photos!

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