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Eliza + Seth | La Antigua, Guatemala

Fate can be a funny thing. Eliza and Seth met a few years ago, just as Seth was preparing to embark on the journey of a lifetime: a two year bicycle trip from Alaska to Argentina. With timing this unfortunate, one might think that this relationship just wasn’t meant to be, yet something kept these two interested in each other during that entire time, and they picked things up again upon Seth’s return… for good!

Eliza had clearly left a lasting impression, and so did the town of La Antigua, Guatemala, which Seth visited during his trip. When he and Eliza decided to tie the knot, a destination wedding was a must and Antigua was at the top of the list. The pair told us that they solidified that choice when they saw images from Kristiaan and Lionel’s wedding which we photographed two years ago. This magical little town was one of our favorite locations in the world, and we were thrilled that Eliza and Seth wanted us to return to document their turn at the altar.

Their wedding brought about a most impressive turnout considering the distant location, with close to a hundred friends and family enthusiastically joining in on the celebrations. With the romantic, candlelit ruins of San Jose El Viejo as a backdrop for both the ceremony and reception, everyone in attendance was simply blown away by the beauty of it all. We were able to incorporate even more of Antigua when we explored the town with Eliza and Seth the next day for their day-after portrait session. They were complete troopers, posing in the street as hundreds of locals and tourists peered on curiously, or kicking dust around on the mountain after sunset. We rely so heavily on the keenness and patience of our couples to pull off these fun portraits, and we could not have asked for more willing participants than Eliza and Seth.

We had an absolute blast with these two and we look forward to a growing friendship with them. A huge thank-you to them for their trust and enthusiasm in the photography process, and an equally huge thank-you to our associate Adam for coming along with us and giving us an extra set of eyes (and arms!) to help this pregnant photographer out!

As always, you can view a set of our personal favorite images by scrolling through the images above (some photos are by Adam Kealing).


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    So much perfection.

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    so damn good. like truly amazing. go double d!

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    Amazing! Possibly my favourite!

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    it’s difficult to make a comment about it! It’s beyond perfect!

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    Simply incredible, how I wish I could be a fly on the wall at a wedding you photograph to see how you guys work! Brilliant.

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    Gorgeous! And that foot picture! That’s a fearless award waiting to happen!

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    Killer set of images, D+D and A!! Lucky lucky couple… That dipping shot during the reception is to die for!

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    Fantasticas! FELICITACIONES!!

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    ok, I’ve decided that this is not a real wedding because it is too good. the end.

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    um, holy shit. my new favorite wedding of yours, hands down. every single frame here is like BAM. Total knockout set of images.

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    My goodness this is just gorgeous and breathtaking!! I love the lighting

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    Wow, always with the light and the shadows and the composition! This was a gorgeous wedding full of color. Eliza and Seth must be over the moon!

  15. Gilles Diaz

    Incredible work!! and the location is just marvellous
    Saludos desde Colombia

Katrina + Brandon | Palm Springs, CA

When we first met Katrina and Brandon 4 years ago, they were still college students, dating, and living as roommates, while growing their new wedding photography business. It was clear that these two were ambitious and well beyond their years in terms of their talent and accomplishments. Daniel and Brandon met through the online wedding photography community, and Brandon invited us to stay with them in California while on a roadtrip across the United States. We hit it off immediately and they quickly became two of our closest friends, who we now consider family.

We feel like we know these two pretty well; we are so familiar Brandon’s sense of humor and indescribable laugh, and Katrina’s gentle, kind, and generous spirit. But throughout their wedding weekend in Palm Springs, we had the pleasure of getting to know their families whom we had never met before. It quickly became apparent that these two are appropriate products of their parents: Brandon’s side is hilarious, adorable, and at times wonderfully inappropriate, and Katrina’s parents are thoughtful, sweet and just like their daughter, they laugh at all of Brandon’s jokes.

Katrina and Brandon put so much thought into their big day, and to say that it paid off would be an understatement. Brandon, who Katrina often jokingly referred to as the bride, insisted on a romantic twilight reception on the stunning grounds of Korakia, and balanced it off by surprising guests with a Vegas nightclub-inspired dance party at a secret location, complete with showgirls, fog, lasers, and a performance by the groom. We often joked that this wedding had split personalities, but in fact, it was perfectly suited to this couple who appreciates beauty and romance, but who also loves a baller party!

Epic is a word so commonly used nowadays, but I honestly can’t think of a more appropriate word to sum up this whole affair. Katrina and Brandon, we are so touched that you selected us to capture your most incredible day. We love you both so very much and our lives are better with you in them.

You can view our favourite photos above, and take a look at their slideshow, HERE!


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    Amazing pics as always. Specially the party, great moments!

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    Unas fotos increíbles chicos , tienen un gran dominio de la luz.
    Parece que uno esta en el evento.

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    Ummmmmm . . . WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Seriously, these are insanity. You guys are unbelievable. I am blown away, once again. Oh yeah. And I love you. And I love Brandon and Katrina. And the new baby I get to meet really soon.

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    So much beauty, happiness and just killer creative imagery. Love you guys!!!!

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    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! My jaw is on the floor! The images just like their wedding and after party are beyond Epic…. seriously no such word has been invented to describe it. And Davina you are so right… I met them both last year at Aperturas workshop and they are the kindest people I’ve ever met… even driving me to my hotel. I’ll never forget it.

    Congratulations to you B + K!!!!!! And D+D amazing Butt shot… I meant amazing capture of their wedding. I have goosebumps all over right now.

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    Every shot is beyond incredible!!! The one of Katrina by herself with her hand in the air, lights behind her left me speechless!!! Such an amazing wedding! Congrats Katrina & Brandon!

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    The last couple of days I am trying to find words to use on this comment… I saw the slide show again and again… and the words are not enough… thank you one more time for this experience. Thank you.

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    One week later and I still visit this slideshow everyday. I love you guys!

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    Hi Guys! Just re-looked at these, having met and partied with Brandon and Katrina, this past weekend. Gorgeous work!

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    Wow, another gorgeous wedding. I got teary eyed looking at the emotion of the bride and groom.

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    You have found interesting locations and well- combined with emotions. Inspiring. Great job!

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