C + W | Porto Cheli, Greece

This post is a little bit different than usual because, well, this wedding was a little different. C+W chose to celebrate their union in a few different ways, and we were lucky enough to be invited along for the ride. First, they travelled to Bhutan last February, where Daniel and Adam photographed their traditional Bhutanese ceremony, arranged specially just for the two of them by the wonderful staff at Amankora. Then, Daniel and I joined them and their kids in Porto Cheli, Greece, at another Aman Resort, Amanzoe, for a few days which included some portrait sessions, a short ceremony, and a boat trip.

On our first day, C+W agreed to meet us at sunrise so we could take full advantage of Greece’s colorful early-morning skies and avoid the intense summer heat. Despite the very early wake-up call for hair and makeup, C was a real trooper and their girls even came along to take some behind-the-scenes photos of our shoot. Although this did mean that they were completely exhausted when we joined them again that afternoon, they did manage to fulfill their flower girl duties for their parents’ sweet and simple wedding ceremony, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Before they took off on their family honeymoon, we had the opportunity to join them once more, this time for a boat ride in the sea. Storm clouds threatened to cover our sunset, but we managed to witness some stunning pink skies before dark. The kids loved the experience, and so did we!

We are always excited to share our images, but we have agreed to maintain W’s privacy, so here is a small glimpse at our time with C+W and their children in Greece.


  1. Emma

    Such a tease I wish we could see more!!! You guys are amazing.

  2. Adam

    Sweet perfection as always!

  3. andrea

    that is an exciting way to celebrate.. so many trips to different countries..

  4. richard

    the couple walking through the dry yellow grass looks amazing

  5. Melissa Avey

    Stunning location and beautiful image!

  6. Brian Davis

    Absolutely beautiful. Really loving all the remarkable scenery and the sunset shots.

  7. josh p

    lovely photo we just got back from there it was amazing.