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Davina + Daniel | Latte, Italy

First, let me get the obvious out of the way: Yes, their names really are Davina and Daniel! I have to admit, I thought their first email might be a joke, but in fact, they and their wedding were very real! We were obviously very curious to meet the couple who share our names, and we had the opportunity when we photographed their engagement session in New York City last spring. During this first “date,” we  learned that the four of us also share a strong love of sushi, travel, and our families. We also learned that it is very strange for us to direct a couple using our own names, but we somehow managed to get used to this by their wedding day (and we do expect this to have been a once-in-a-lifetime thing!)

Fast forward a few months, and we were all on the French Riviera to celebrate the union of the other Davina + Daniel. Festivities began days before the wedding with parties in Monaco, all leading up to one simply breath-taking event. Davina, Daniel, and close to 300 guests gathered at Davina’s family’s gorgeous home in Latte, Italy, near the French border and overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The whole day was flawless; stunning, really, from beginning to end, but it was the sense of togetherness that really left an impression on us. Among the olive trees, and with the salty sea breeze in the air, this wedding truly felt like a celebration and there was no doubt about it: these two families who came together that day absolutely adore one another.

After a private and emotional bedeken, sweet and simple ceremony, and a lively outdoor horah among the olive trees, guests enjoyed a classic Italian feast at one long table in the garden (remember when I said there were nearly 300 guests?!). Traditional Napolitan musicians provided entertainment, and then traditional Catalan dancers escorted Davina and Daniel, followed by all the guests, to an epic dance party further down on the property. It was almost 4am when we left, and although the party was being shut down, guests seemed ready to keep it going!

It was a tremendous opportunity for us to share in such a beautiful celebration with Davina and Daniel. A shout-out goes out to the incredible Guendalina, Sophie, and the whole team who pulled off every little detail to perfection, and of course to Davina and Daniel for entrusting us to capture it all.


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Abby + Bahi | Toronto, ON

On the eve of Abby and Bahi’s wedding, we met up with them at a bar in downtown Toronto. The four of us discussed how life has a funny way of putting two individuals together, often times despite the odds. It was our very first time meeting them, yet the conversation flowed effortlessly, and had the four of us sharing intimate details about life with a partner.

The complicity we had discussed the night before was so obvious to us as we witnessed them become husband and wife the next day. Having been kept separate for the first part of the day, they constantly exchanged excited glances throughout their traditional Sri Lankan ceremony when they were finally reunited. You could feel the relief that came from being together again, as though all was now right in the world again.

After the ceremony, Abby swapped her sari for a navy gown, and Bahi went from a traditional sherwani to a silver suit for their elegant reception at the Art Gallery of Ontario. There, about a dozen friends and family members took the mic to recall stories of Abby and Bahi’s lives as individuals and as a couple. It was a trip down memory lane for the two of them, as told by the most important people in their lives, and it gave all guests a unique insight into these two individuals. What ensued, as one would imagine, was laughter, tears, and everything in between.

We absolutely love photographing cultural weddings for their energy, color, and sacredness, but to get such an intimate view into the relationship of these two individuals was even more special to us. Thank you, Abby and Bahi, for allowing us into your lives and your wedding day.


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