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Allie + Sam | Hudson Valley, NY

I don’t think a single wedding goes by without me getting a little choked up at one point or another. At Allie and Sam’s wedding, it was the moment when, escorted by her parents, Allie began her walk down the aisle to the beautiful, powerful voices of an opera group. Sam is a big fan of the opera, and having these singers for both their processional and recessional was his only request for their wedding day. For Allie, these powerful moments of emotion occurred all through the day, and I just loved watching emotion wash over her. She bowed her head and closed her eyes as Sam read the vows he had written for her, taking every word in, and she laughed and shook her head slowly in disbelief the first time someone used the word “husband” to refer to him. She lived her wedding day one moment at a time, savouring every one individually. And Sam, well, Sam was a rock. He was on top of things; a man of action, yet calm and collected. The perfect groom, really. And when it came time to talk about Allie – or every time he looked at her, really – everyone could see him melt a little. And who could blame him? Allie channelled the glamour of an old fashioned movie star  in her fitted wedding gown and her mother’s 1970s repurposed veil.

The entire day unfolded perfectly, a string of special moments, flowing organically from the moment Allie slipped into her wedding dress, to the last dance of the night. Thank you, Allie and Sam; we are so grateful to be the ones selected to document it all.


  1. Adam Johnson

    Showing the world how it’s done… once again… Just incredible you guys, you inspire me. Your clients are lucky people.

  2. Lindsay Stark

    Killer light and emotion…again! D+D for president. 🙂

  3. daniel diaz

    Awesome! i had to take one minute for each image to get all the emotion from the frames! Muy chingonas fotos!

  4. Pamela Barron

    Love it!!!

  5. Shauna

    breathtaking, you guys. just breathtaking.

  6. Elisha

    Great set you two!

  7. fer juaristi

    again & again, always amazed at your clicks.

  8. David Josué

    my insane talented friends, done it again, se les quiere mucho locos!

  9. Voyteck

    wow, absolutely amazing work!

  10. George

    Pure art! Amazing guys.

  11. Emma Rose

    Much like your photographs, this story is like a lovely piece of poetry.

  12. Juya

    Nice clicks guys 😀

  13. Sandra

    David and I just want to congratulate you on your great artistic ability. You truly deserve all the recent success.

  14. jonathan

    I’ve been browsing for an hour and figured I just had to leave a comment. Love this work. You guys are truly amazing at what you do. Was a pleasure working along side you in Costa. Cheers.

  15. Gosia

    Beautiful work!

Chatti + TJ | Cortona, Italy

If Chatti and TJ’s story were a fairytale, it would go something like this: Once upon a time, there was a boy and there was a girl. He was of Italian ancestry and she was Cambodian. They lived 5 miles from each other in Colorado, yet their paths never crossed there. One day, the boy decided to pursue new career opportunities in the far away land of Cambodia. A few miles away, she was breaking the same news to her family. It was in this far away land that boy finally met girl and – you guessed it! – they fell in love. They decided to marry in another far away land, Italy, where she had always dreamed of having her wedding and where he had family history. It was an event filled with love, laughter, and song. And, of course, they lived happily ever after.

When Chatti, a wedding photographer herself, asked if we would photograph her wedding in Italy, we could not say “yes” fast enough. Luckily Chatti and TJ shared our enthusiasm, and less than a day after her initial email, we officially became their wedding photographers. They chose a classic Italian villa, nestled in the hills just outside the historical town of Cortona, as the setting for their wedding week. Since the two have travelled extensively and lived abroad throughout most of their relationship, they have built up an international group of friends who have become a family. A dozen of these family members not only joined Chatti and TJ in their wedding festivities, but rallied together to arrange flowers, hang banners, and even officiate the ceremony. It was a true labor of love.

Speaking of love, we also fell in love with these two sweet individuals, as well as their incredible group of guests. It was with open arms (literally!) that they greeted us on the first day and they never made us feel like we were any less than family. Despite a bit of rain during dinner that forced everyone to retreat to the dining room, the day truly did unfold, appropriately enough, like a fairytale.

Thank you Chatti and TJ for including us in your wedding plans. We loved every moment of our time in Tuscany with you and your wonderful family.

The Vendors
Venue: Villa Ruffignano
Catering: Marcella of Villa Ruffignano
Dress: Marisa
Styling: By the bride and executed by her wonderful friends
Florals: Annalisa Banelli of La Bottega delle Idee


  1. Daniel Stark

    Wow you guys. Blown away. Lindsay and I have looked at this blog 3 times already this morning. Awesome.

  2. Adam Kealing

    What!?!? This is incredible! If you two got any better the entire industry would collapse.

  3. Benni Wolf

    Great Photos, i like them.
    They two are lucky with you as their wedding photographers.

  4. Khoa


  5. MC

    Mind: blown.

  6. brett butterstein

    great job you guys. tough light is not easy, but you managed to make this really beautiful. The pool shot looks like one of those photos you see on Pinterest that seems unattainable.

  7. Will

    man, you guys are unreal

  8. Jesse

    Really beautiful work, guys, as usual. 🙂

  9. Bernie

    Love them all! Impeccable!

  10. Dennis Berti

    Amazing photos guys! As italian i double loved all of them 🙂

  11. Vanessa Hall

    Thanks for posting an amazing gallery for everyone else to see. I always enjoy looking at your work.

  12. Juya


  13. Mary McHenry

    I love this wedding!! Every image is like something out of a book. Really well done…

  14. Erin C

    I think I stared at that opening portrait for about 5 minutes straight. If this were my wedding that portrait would be all I would need. It would be huge on my wall. The whole collection is great though. These photos have real heart and soul. And you showed Tuscany beautifully. One of my favorite weddings of yours.

  15. Juanlu

    Sin palabras…no se que decir. Precioso.

  16. Anna Ricelli

    Beautiful shot, I love Cortona, tomorrow I’ll be there!

  17. chatti

    thank you both so much for gracing our wedding with your presence.We consider you a part of our family now! Everyone loves you and have given us compliments about the photos. thank you a million times over!

  18. Julian Moniz

    Amazing…AMAZING. I Love all of them, but especially that first one, that definitive shot that makes you feel the Tuscan vibe. You guys do that so well. We are super pumped and super lucky to have you as our wedding photographers. Congrats Chatti + TJ.

  19. Jesus Nieto

    Davina + Daniel what beautiful images, I really enjoy your photos!

  20. Quin

    Totally in love with this wedding! The both of you are always, always inspiring

  21. David

    Wow great documentation guys…
    We were in Italy at that same time 🙂


It probably comes to no surprise that Daniel and I love to travel. As destination wedding photographers, we have had to opportunity to photograph weddings in close to 20 countries; and we sincerely loved every one of them. We have dreamed of photographing a wedding in Italy for years now (we both visited the country separately many years ago), and we recently had that opportunity. My parents insisted on coming along with us, so we made a vacation out of it. 3 weeks, from the Amalfi coast, to Tuscany, to the Italian Riviera, to Venice. We drove on tiny, windy roads, walked through ancient ruins, sped around on boats… We ate, ate, ate, and drank, drank, drank. And it was incredible.

There is so much to say about this gorgeous, delicious country, yet words escape me. We loved it all so much, we thought we’d share some of our images from that trip (wedding photos are coming soon!). All of these images were taken with our favorite everyday cameras: our iphones and our Fuji x100s ,and posted throughout our trip on both my and Daniel’s instagram account.

You can purchase some of these prints in our Etsy shop (all profits go towards helping a family in Kenya).

Iceland and India top our current wanderlust list… where do you want to travel to?


  1. Benjamin

    I really want to shoot in Iceland, and Switzerland! Beautiful pictures guys!

  2. Ruben Diaz

    Magnum style! Superb photos! Congrats!

  3. Maryam

    Simply stunning

  4. ben chrisman

    i want a print of every single one of those to add to our d&d collection.

  5. kristi wright

    I love Italy! These photos are beautiful! What a dream wedding destination.

  6. Stephen Bunn

    Fantastic! Proving once again the fuji x100s is an amazing camera in the right hands

  7. Vanessa

    I’m so excited you guys posted these and that the prints are for sale! I’d been wondering how I could get my hands on them after seeing them on Instagram… I’m still waiting for you guys to get the call to do a wedding in Dubrovnik. Rob and I went there after our wedding and it was a really cool place with the some of the best light scattered in alleyways and castles around the city.

  8. Karla

    beautiful!! My husband and I did the same trip for our honey moon a few months ago, venice, cinque terre, amalfi,, everything is beautifl!!
    greetings from mexico!

  9. nadine

    Just… magical.

  10. Shauna

    Gorgeous stuff, guys.

  11. mauronster

    wow … these photos are magical! awesome.