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Sarah + Adam | Las Vegas, NV

Every year, wedding photographers from all over the world gather in Las Vegas, for the largest conference and expo in our industry. It is a week of learning and partying, and most of all, a reminder that our colleagues are some of the most wonderful people out there. We first met Sarah and Adam a few years ago when they took a workshop with us, and they have since become two of our dearest friends. They have an ability to turn the dullest of situations into hilarious ones and we find ourselves doubled up in laughter whenever we are around them. Despite the fact that they live in Austin and we are in Montreal, we find ways of seeing them a few times a year, and one such occasion was in Las Vegas, when we were speaking at the conference earlier this year.

We were wrapping up a workshop on our last day there when we got a text message from Adam, asking if we were free that evening. They had, in true Vegas fashion, spontaneously decided to renew their vows… in just a few hours. So Daniel and I ran – literally – to their room to catch them getting ready before heading off to the famed Little White Chapel for their vow renewal. This was already gearing up to be a very special evening for us, but it hit and even more personal note for us, as we had our own first, civil wedding ceremony at this very same place 4 years earlier. And that evening, the very same minister who married us also officiated Sarah and Adam’s ceremony.

As cheesy as Vegas can be, we know all too well that it also possesses a kind of magic for those in love. As Sarah and Adam exchanged their vows in front of us, their only witnesses, we couldn’t help but get emotional ourselves. These two are so darn great together – we can testify to that! – and to see them recommit themselves to one another in this way was one of those magical, special moments that we will never forget.

Thank you, Sarah and Adam, for being incredible friends to us and for being a beautiful example of marriage. We are so grateful to have been there for this spontaneous moment, and we will never forget it. We love you guys!



  1. Luciano Barreto

    You guys are freaking awesome!!! Just mind blowing!

  2. Michael Anthony

    You guys are hands down the best in the world at this. Amazing job, even though I come to expect mind blowing photography every time I click on your site, you keep one-upping yourselves!

  3. chris barber

    freakin’ magical! you guys are like… wizards. or something.

  4. Ruben Diaz

    Joder!!! Yo de mayor quiero ser como vosotros!!! 😉
    Una sesion increible, enhorabuena!

  5. Khoa

    Half your equipment and same mind blowing photos!? Incredible!

  6. brandon + katrina

    This post melts our hearts. You guys did such an amazing job on such a short notice. INCREDIBLE!!!

  7. Sam

    Just magical and full of awesome sauce. Adam and Sarah are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing their wonderful day.

  8. Daniel Stark

    Love this post and love these people–Sarah & Adam’s personalities are so infectious and you guys captured it perfectly. Awesome stuff.

  9. brett butterstein

    I like the Bellagio fountains image the best. Vegas is such eye candy!

  10. Adam Kealing

    You guys… We knew the pictures would be amazing, but holy moly guacamole you have blown my mind. The way you two see the world through the lens is something so unique and magical it leaves me speechless every time. I cannot believe how perfectly you captured every moment and everything that was important to us. Thank you a thousand times over for helping us make that night perfect!

    I wish I could truly express how grateful we are, not only for these incredible images but just to have you two with us. You have become two of our dearest friends and we couldn’t be more proud to have you in our lives.

  11. Jenny DeMarco

    Awe, this is the sweetest ever. Sarah and Adam are two of the most lovable people I have met and this little post makes my heart happy. Thanks for sharing D&D…you two are amazing and what you do and looking forward to seeing ya in Costa Rica in July! Congrats intandems on the vow renewal. You both are incredible and so happy we are friends! Mwah!

  12. Ben Chrisman

    w0w. that takes me back!! love these photos davina and daniel. perfecto!

  13. Geoff

    A&S FTW!

  14. Amy

    This is beautiful… We were talking about this yesterday at the meet up. Wow! I cannot stop looking at the magic. So much love to these two! Beautiful work!

  15. Will Pateman Photography the shot outside the bellagio..this is my favourite wedding of yours, Love them all..very inspiring

  16. Vanessa

    it’s been almost a year since you guys captured rob and my wedding and i STILL love coming to your site to see all of your incredible photos!!

  17. Alberto Desna

    Davina, Daniel, always a pleasure to enjoy your images. Nice work!!

  18. Elaine

    You knocked it out of the park!! I love vegas and to see a wedding in Vegas captured through your eyes, makes it all the better! Like seriously?!?!?! You guys rock!

  19. Alberto Desna

    Nice work, incredible!! I love all photos, congrats!!

  20. photojennette

    These are absolutely incredible. Love what I see and love what I feel when I get a peak at friends in front of the camera!

Megan + Max | Springfield Castle, Ireland

Megan and Max knew they wanted a destination wedding, the only problem was they could not find a location that felt quite right. When they could not settle on the perfect Caribbean resort, they thought that perhaps they were not looking in the right place. And then Ireland came to mind. With ample golfing for Max and beautiful scenery to suit Megan, the country that neither had ever visited suddenly hit the mark. And just like that, a beach wedding turned into an Irish castle wedding.

Nothing could have prepared Daniel and I for the stunning landscapes and rustic charm of Ireland. Springfield castle, complete with resident peacocks, was definitely one of the most unique locations we have photographed yet… even without any ghostly encounters (much to my disappointment!). On the wedding day, I was happy to play double duty and jump in to do Megan’s makeup – a real testament to this bride’s low-key nature! Megan and Max chose to have their ceremony in the former dungeon, which happens to be the oldest part of the castle, dating back to the 13th century. The space’s dark and moody feel was the perfect contrast to Megan and Max’s joy; shared by everyone in attendance. Following the ceremony, Megan and Max’s intimate group of 15 gathered in the parlor for traditional Irish mead (quite tasty, we thought!) and then feasted on a meal prepared entirely of local – and delicious! – ingredients.

A visit to Ireland simply would not have been complete without a tour of the stunning cliffsides the country is known for, so the day after the wedding, we all piled into a bus and headed off to explore the Dingle Peninsula. With breathtaking views consisting of rolling hills, cliffs, ocean, sheep, and the classic dry stone walls, we could not resist the temptation to grab a few more portraits of Megan and Max. Keen to be a part of it, they literally changed in the back of the bus and trekked through wind and lumpy grass to give us just a few more images!

Thank you, Megan and Max, for allowing us to join your intimate group of 15, for braving the elements for a few more portraits, and for trusting us with the task of capturing your wedding weekend memories.


  1. Melanie Miriam

    Hello Davina & Daniel! I would love to feature this stunning wedding on !!

    Let me know if you’re interested!

    With love,


  2. Jhankarlo

    Great, and beautiful work !!

  3. Adam kealing

    LOVE. You two are absolutely brilliant and crazy inspiring! I always look forward to see what you’ll post next 😉

  4. Khoa

    Incredible! Love the one with the couple in the small window!

  5. Jashim

    These images are too good! Nice work!

  6. Jenny DeMarco

    Near and dear to my heart. You captured Ireland beautifully!

  7. Dennis

    Guys your work is truly inspirational … Thank you both for sharing

  8. Ruben

    Como siempre increibles, una fuente de inspiracion!!!
    Muy muy buenas!
    Un abrazo cracks!

  9. Barney Walters

    Stunning and magical as always! Great stuff guys! 🙂

  10. John Turner

    Stunning Images from what looks like a Wonderful Day.

  11. Michael DeMara

    Davina and Daniel, thank you for your wonderful touch. We sit here every night and revel at the images and insight you both brought to our magical trip. Your images are stunning. Best of luck!! Michael DeMara and Marcia Makowski (DeMara)

  12. Ken Tan

    Beautiful work guys! Discovered you guys through Weddings in BC Awards last year and been following you guys since!

  13. Elisha Stewart

    That first image is incredible! Love all the photos with the sheep – so much character. Awesome as always Davina and Daniel!

  14. Willian Lima

    Hello dear couple,

    I’m just going to thank you lecture Wedding here in Brazil in 2013. Words and pictures were very inspiring!

    Thank you!

  15. Jackie

    Love, love, LOVE! Great job as always, your work is so inspiring!

  16. paul atherton

    Ive just been given the heads up on your work by david pullum – some superbly “seen” images on this post and great compositions. Inspiring!