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Vanessa + Rob | Cape Cod, MA

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We often get asked what makes a great wedding. Is it location? A good looking couple? Nice decor? If we were to pick one single “thing” that makes a wedding great, it would, without a doubt, be great energy. The energy that is given off by happy, happy people has got to be one of the best things in the world.

When we met Vanessa and Rob in Cape Cod, we felt that energy right away. The way they look at each other and laugh with each other seems as though they are in on a secret inside joke. Even if you’re not in on it, you still can’t help but smile. Their friends and family seemed thrilled to be reunited for the occasion, and there was a smilar sense of deep, longtime friendship among them. And if there is one place where the energy was at an all time high, it was certainly the dance floor! The awesome 90s hits they played had everyone – including us – in a blissfully nostalgic mood that spread across the packed dancefloor.

Continuing on the theme of energy, we stuck Vanessa and Rob out to the beach during dinnertime, just as a storm was rolling in. The wind was intense, but the sunset peeking out from behind those storm clouds was just stunning. Willing and trusting, these troopers trekked along on the rocks for us. The whole ordeal lasted all but a few minutes, and we returned with out-of-control windswept hair and sandboxes in our shoes… but we were giddy. It kind of felt like now the four of us were in on a secret, having experienced this mini adventure together.

Vanessa and Rob, thank you for selecting us to capture the wonderful energy of your wedding. You can see out favorites by clicking on the arrows above.


  1. Elisha

    Love it! Energy well captured. =)

  2. Sonia Palik

    Wow, what a beautiful picture! True art! Love Cape Cod!

  3. Brian

    LOL! You guys are awesome! Thanks for sharing this wedding…now I have to Google Map where is Cape Cod in the world…need to get out of Montreal a bit more…

  4. David Josué

    que bonitas fotos hacen par de locos, se les quiere mucho!

  5. Ange

    Beautiful work as always, guys! The energy on the dancefloor really came across in your images!

  6. Susana Barberá

    The black and white shoots just killed me!! You are the perfect team!! Bravo!

  7. Steff Kobialka

    Wow! Absolutely stunning!!! What a lucky couple Vanessa and Rob are to have photos like these to look back upon… The pictures are full of life!

  8. Lucas Mobley

    Really great work! So many strong moments!

  9. Manel Tamayo

    Some months ago, I followed so many photographers (Ascough, Chrisman, Ghionis, Peterson, Juaristi, Peterson, Laffler and a long etcetera). Today, I’m very busy and I save my time enjoying your blog. I love your work !!!

  10. Jose Miranda

    Uau, cada vez me sorprendeis más, me han encantado!!!!

  11. Ramone

    Astonishing. True black.

  12. Jose Luis

    extraordinary work, congratulations

  13. Fernando Moreno

    You always get a striking image in every moment of the wedding. It’s amazing …

  14. Geoff

    wow. that first shot. wow.

  15. Nick Evans

    Wowzers – what a stunning shot! Nice pixels you made there!

  16. Brett

    Dang – that first image is EPIC!

  17. Robert Arenz

    I love the sunset silhouette picture. Nice dramatic sky.


  18. Christian Roselló

    Excelentes fotos, me encanta su trabajo. Son una fuente de inspiración.

Irene + Jimmy | Paro, Bhutan

Getting to Paro, Bhutan is no easy feat. The country has but one airline, which only flies out of a select few destinations in Asia. Only 8 pilots in the world are trained and certified to take off or land there, and the weather conditions have to be just right – a tricky thing to predict at an elevation of 7300 feet. As we swerved through the mountains and prepared to (hopefully) land safely, I turned to Daniel and said, “You just know that a place that’s this hard to get to is going to be good!” As it turns out, this proclamation would prove to be quite the understatement.

Irene and Jimmy chose to have their wedding in Bhutan after falling in love with the place on a previous trip. They wanted their guests to experience the stunning landscapes and unique culture for themselves, so they planned a 3-day affair to show off the best of what the region has to offer. From the traditional performances upon our arrival, to the farewell hike up to an ancient fortress (for which all guests donned cultural dress), Irene and Jimmy ensured that their guests got the full Bhutanese experience.

The greatest highlight for us, not just of this trip but possibly of our entire careers as wedding photographers, was the monk’s blessing.The city’s 1300 year old local temple receives very few visitors, and those visitors must abide by a strict no photos rule. Much to our delight, they graciously waived this rule for us and allowed us to photograph the blessing of Irene and Jimmy’s marriage. What our cameras could not capture was the sound of the monks’ instruments and chants – a sound which gave both Daniel and I goosebumps and tears in our eyes.

Irene and Jimmy, thank you for choosing us to document this special event and special place for you. It was truly the experience of a lifetime.

You can browse through our favourites above, and you can also view their slideshow HERE.


  1. ARI

    These are fantastic guys!

  2. flaii

    I think, by far this is the most awesome wedding you’ve photographed. 🙂 Loved the mirror photo (with the bride and some bridesmaids) 🙂 thanks for inspiring!

  3. Mary McHenry

    *Gulp* Those are wonderful, just stunning. You must have been pinching yourself the whole time, what a great experience to document!

  4. Juyá

    just amazing!!!!

  5. Tim King

    AMAZING job. The reactions & emotions you captured are so intense, really brings a “feeling” to the photos.

    And as for the shot of the bride in the pink (petals?) UNREAL!!

    Great job guys!

  6. Sonia Palik

    I am in awe of your work. You are such artists! Amazing as usual! I must say you lead an exciting life. I am so proud of you.
    Aunt Sonia

  7. Kay Garcia

    Congratulation, is the most beautiful wedding in the word

  8. Sophie

    Wow. You guys are really the best photographers.

  9. S

    My word! these are beautiful!

  10. Julian Abram Wainwright

    Sure, Bhutan is photogenic, but . . . . this is just phenomenal photography, goes so much beyond the beautiful setting. Really amazing work, thanks for sharing.

  11. Ashley A-Photo

    I do not have anywhere to begin really…. rather than saying once again how inspired and amazed I am by your work. Your art. Your vision and your ‘push’ through each and every image. It’s beyond me to even comprehend how you do it. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful imagery.

  12. YN

    Amazing! Stunning! Beautiful pictures! Great job guys!!!!

  13. Jesse

    crazy goodness.

  14. melia

    What an incredible experience this must have been! The photos are stunning, too.

  15. marion

    Whoa !!! Ca fait rêver ! Vous avez grave assuré 🙂 Les paysages sont époustouflants !

  16. Adam Johnson

    Unbelievable. There are shots in here that are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Incredible work.

  17. Jacki Bruniquel

    These pics are absolutely amazing! Loved looking through these! Greetings from South Africa

  18. Leanne

    This is by far my favorite wedding that you’ve shot (which is saying something!). What exactly is the pink stuff that the bride was laying in? petals?

  19. Sarah Neal Photographyc

    This is the best wedding photography I’ve ever seen. It belongs in National Geographic . I doubt I will ever see anything top this… I can’t stop blog surfing now. 😉

  20. Brian Di Croce

    Yo! National Geographic should publish this wedding. Really awesome job D+D!

  21. angel pion

    so beautiful !! a fantastic atmosphere.

  22. Gera Juarez

    Daniel y Davina, your work is amazing, thanks for sharing, pure inspation, congrats

  23. Jeff O'Neal

    wow…this is wow..
    thanks for sharing this one…amazing photography D+D

  24. Lucas Mikuc

    Incredible wedding! BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT! 🙂

  25. Richard Pham

    All I can say is… WOW! The images are breathtaking! One of your best work thus far!

  26. Adam Kealing

    OK. So here’s the deal. You have to stop. You’re too good. You’ve reached a level of beyond perfection, and once that level is reached there is nowhere else to go. It’s like climbing a really really really tall ladder but somehow when you two reached the top you just kept on climbing. It’s like you’re just miming your way up into the clouds and it’s freaking crazy. Everyone on earth is starring up at you going “how the hell are they doing this?” Just incredible stuff.

  27. Kevin Lam

    Amazing set of images in an even more amazing place. You really out did yourselves.

  28. naomi

    oh my heart!!!! I’m speechless! and wow! what an amazing experience to let blessed by the monks and to capture images in the temple. that is huge and such a compliment to you two.

    hugs!!!! my favorite wedding thus far. Im sure that will change when i see the next wedding.

  29. Morgan Lynn

    Damn, your work is so dreamy, D+D! I LOVE this wedding so much, I can’t stand it!!

  30. Shang

    I’ve always been a silent fan of your work, but this was simply too amazing for me not to leave heaps of praises, adoration, respect, and kudos to you both. Beautiful, emotional, all-encompassing capture.

  31. damon

    this is so beautiful photographed, what a talented team of photographers, every photo is ART!

  32. Fernando Berani

    Wow!… wonderful and amazing images. I can´t stop to look it. Congrats.

  33. fer juaristi

    Triple wow on this one guys!
    Dream coverage!

  34. Daniel Stark

    the most amazing wedding images i have ever seen. this tops all. truly incredible.

  35. Khoa

    Saw the slideshow! From the photographs to the music; absolute perfection! This is your 5th symphony and your Sistine chapel! Awesome!

  36. Geoff

    Wow, seriously incredible. I’ve been following your work for about 6 months now, and I’d have to say that this one has got to be my favorite!

  37. Jamie Lawler

    Ridiculously amazing photos. You’ve outdone yourselves with this one. So so stunning. Thanks for inspiring.

  38. Brandon

    Awesome set of photos!

  39. layton

    ummm, i don’t know what just happened there. i think i fainted.

  40. fabianluquefotografia

    Me encanta vuestro trabajo. Felicidades de nuevo!!!!!
    work shops en España please!!!!


    I love the lighting in these, total inspiration for a norfolk wedding photographer like me

  42. Alejandro

    Amazing work, really inspiring!!!

    Best Regards,

  43. Maggie

    My cousins wedding!

  44. vencanice

    Amazing post. Thanks for sharing with us.

  45. jose cortés cortejarena

    Fotografías impactactes.Iluminación perfecta. Procesado buenísimo. Alguien da más?

  46. Todd Laffler

    You guys should be effing arrested for being too good!!!! Kudos Kudishs’!!!!

  47. Chris Bottrell

    Great shots, really sharp and clear, what camera and lenses do you use?