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Kristiaan + Lionel | La Antigua, Guatemala

From inside the stunning candlelit ruins of San Jose el Viejo, on the night of her wedding, Kristiaan told her guests that she and Lionel chose La Antigua, Guatemala because they wanted their guests to have an experience. I can’t think of a better way of describing this wedding… what an experience it was.

Daniel and I spent 3 whole weeks in Guatemala, first taking a Spanish class (y nuestro Espanol es mucho mejor ahora!) and then just taking in this incredible place. Slowly but surely, Kristiaan, Lionel and their wedding guests started to arrive. With every new arrival, the group got better and better; their families warm and welcoming, their friends an absolute blast. And Kristiaan and Lionel, well, we just adore them (they are also wedding photographers so they are obviously good people!). By the end of it, we had several sincere invitations to family dinners and one honorary adoption from Kristiaan’s mom (hi mama Karen!).

To kick off their five day wedding experience, Kristiaan and Lionel organized The Amazing Race Antigua, a treasure hunt around the city. Daniel is proud to say that he led his team to victory (I’m still bitter about my  team’s loss…) and the event certainly brought everyone closer together, competitive spirits and all (I am perhaps referring to myself a little…). The eve of the wedding day began with an early morning volcano hike and ended with a salsa dance party with entertainment by Ignacio Perez Borrel, one of the original members of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. After the wedding we followed Kristiaan, Lionel, and a few of their close friends to beautiful Lake Atitlan where we explored remote villages, feasted on homemade meals, and napped in hammocks overlooking the vast lake.

But also, of course, there was the wedding day. Filled to the brim with joy, love, and beauty, it was impossible not to get completely immersed in it all. We were spoiled with the magical combination of emotion and stunning location. La Antigua is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited… so much so that I can’t find the words to do it or this wedding justice, so have a glimpse at their full slideshow instead, by clicking HERE.


  1. Susan Stripling

    Some of the best wedding photography I have ever seen – EVER. Ever. Ever.

  2. brett butterstein

    you guys just raised the bar. I am so jealous of all of Kristiaan and Lionel’s beautifully toned prints.

  3. fer juaristi

    guys this wedding just blew my mind! awesome coverage. So proud of you guys/

  4. Brian

    Geez…I think I forgot to breathe while looking at each picture. It’s beautiful. I wished I had a more extended vocabulary…but I don’t. It’s really beautiful. The different compositions…just superb.

  5. David Bock

    Good grief these are ridiculous… wow wow wow.

  6. Amy Ballard

    Your work takes my breath away. Every. Time. SO talented and so in love with all the creativity you put in to every wedding!! Thank you for always sharing your beautiful images!

  7. brandon wong

    your best work yet and some of the best coverage i have ever seen from a wedding. i ended the slideshow with a pool of drool on my desk. really outstanding job you guys.

  8. Chelsea Patricia

    That first images is SO incredibly epic. Well, all of them are.

  9. Megan Gielow

    Absolutely stunning! Beautiful imagery as always. I think the first image with the reflection is my favorite.

  10. Nate


  11. molina


  12. naomi

    OMG! Daniel & Davina!!! This is both your best work to date!!!!! Phenomenal!!!!!!!! Im speech less.

  13. Jesse

    One of my favs, crazy good.

  14. Dave Cheung

    You brought me there and made me smile and gasp at the beauty, love & life you captured. Bravo!!!

  15. Jael

    Amazingness as usual.

  16. Winter

    I love this album the most. Every time I see a link in my google reader for your work, I get a little happy inside. I am constantly amazed by the work you do.

  17. Rafa Ibanez

    Wow, congrats guys! Loved them all.

  18. Gustavo Acosta

    Ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, cant remember the last time I said that when looking at wedding photos.

  19. Rosaura

    OMG! These are truly incredible! You guys are so amazing. Loved the moments, lighting, compositions… so creative and gorgeous! xoxo!

  20. Morgan Lynn

    You two are phenomenal. Lucky lucky Kristiaan and Lionel to have a collection like that!

  21. Derren

    Really amazing stuff! Every shot is filled to the brim with beauty and creativity. Truly awesome.

  22. Belinda Keller

    Oh my….just oh my…. I had to take a closer look after seeing that stunning starting image above. Beautiful, just BEAUTIFUL! I’m now a fan and will be stalking you two further…. oxoxox

  23. Becca Spears

    That first photo is one of my all-time favorite wedding portraits. Jealous of that one. 🙂 The slideshow reveals even more gems- they are all- each and every one of them- blog worthy photos. Your scene setters are iconic, and you covered it top to bottom with excellence. You guys are setting the standard 🙂 Amazing.

  24. Andy Le Gresley

    Fabulous images – so much emotion captured, great work!

  25. pepe faraldo

    Sin palabras chicos, parecen pinturas por su perfección… increibe!!!

  26. Lauren Kaye

    Wow. These images are some of the best wedding photography I’ve ever seen. You did more than capture the natural beauty of each scene – you seem to have infused them with magic. Thanks for sharing such inspiring work!

  27. Jez


  28. burak

    amazing photos!

  29. Daniel Aguilar

    This is one of the great moments when a photogapher is so close to perfection. Thank you for sharing this slice of inspiration!

  30. Sansaara

    quite possibly your most brilliant wedding…so many layers it’s a little unreal!

  31. Paul

    WOWSERS!! This wedding is awesome, looks like Kristiaan and Lionel gave you complete free reign with some the awesome shots you’ve captured.

    And man that dress is so beautiful!!

  32. Dajuan

    You two defy gravity!

  33. Rafaella

    Absolutely perfect!!!

  34. Kelly

    Wow! This is the most amazing wedding photography I have ever seen. The images are just amazing. I am lost for words.

  35. cassie

    these are amaaaazing! wowza.

  36. Rupert

    My absolute favourite wedding to date. Amazing work guys! x

  37. victor zerga

    that first shot is freaking amazing.. awesome job!

  38. Urška

    This shot is stunning!

  39. Barney Walters

    Immaculate work as always guys. Your an inspiration to the industry and a motivation and aspiration to me.

  40. Christian Roselló

    Preciosas fotografías la luz, el color, los encuadres, la composición, la selección, os habéis superado, enhorabuena buen trabajo.

  41. Julian Moniz

    WOW…guys…I am speechless. Inspirational!

  42. Darylann Hutchings

    Simply Amazing Photos. <3

  43. Philip


  44. james moro

    holy hell these photos are incredible! each one of them are works of art in their own right. I love the tonality and composition in your images. i’m a huge fan of the Chrismans, but I think you guys have truly raised the bar with this wedding. congrats!

  45. Monica Roy

    Really love this set. Such palpable earthiness and emotion. Great textures as well.