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Liliana + Richard | Toronto, ON

Lily and Richard are probably one of the most adventurously unique couples we’ve ever met. But don’t take it from me, consider this email we received from Richard a few months before their wedding: “Lily and I have a really terrible automatic defence system when we get overwhelmed – we grab backpacks, find cheap tickets to anywhere, and disappear. Right now we’re in the jungle in the south of Mexico. One time we freaked out and ended up in Jerusalem. Another time it was north Africa. 2 years and 20 countries later we’re just accepting that it’s a joint character flaw.”

I don’t know that I’d call it a flaw… more like an incredible mutual sense of adventure. Naturally, after all of this, we were more than intrigued to see how these two would translate their relationship into a wedding. Well, what they did, is throw a beautiful ceremony and reception in Lily’s parents’ backyard in downtown Toronto, complete with a trip to the farm, a Dr. Seuss reading, mariachis, an oyster bar in the garage, Chinese lanterns and a blues band. In other words, it was perfectly “them.”


  1. John

    Another awesome wedding covered! Great job guys.

  2. Steve Koo

    Lovely work, guys. The bride with the girl & parasol is so sweet!

  3. Dana Goodson

    Wow! You made a backyard wedding look exceptional!!! I always love your work.

  4. Natan

    The first one and last picture, my favs. Amazing!!!!

  5. nadine

    Always amazing work from you two!

  6. daniel stark

    i love your guy’s work so much. awesome awesome awesome

  7. Megan

    I don’t think there is any scenario that you two can’t rock. I love the way you used the light throughout this wedding! And the second to last picture is priceless.

  8. Micah

    Love the light on the veil black and white, love love the wide barn portrait through the doorway, love love love the orange and blue solo Mariachi man. Keep it up guys!

  9. Vanessa Mazandi

    These are so beautiful. I feel incredibly lucky to have you two shooting Rob and my wedding next June! Very big thanks to Alyson Williams for recommending you two!!

  10. arody sanchez

    I´m in love of the first one picture, never stop amazing me!


Witnessing, sharing, and capturing joy is the highlight of our jobs. When we photographed the wedding of Tracy and Richard last November, there was an abundance of it, and out of this joyous union, we got two new friends. It was over poutine a few months later that Tracy and Richard announced that they were expecting their second child – yes, a wedding night baby! – and that they would love for us to be there to capture this momentous occasion as well.

So about 9 months after we photographed their wedding, and 10 days before Tracy was due, we woke up to a text message from Richard; “it’s time.” Completely unprepared for what we were about to witness, we rushed off to the hospital where we would spend the next few hours in complete awe of Tracy. When Dylan finally greeted us, it was, hands down, the most profoundly beautiful moment we’ve ever witnessed. I sobbed from behind my camera as we first saw his face.

Joy, as it turns out, has a whole new meaning when a couple meets their baby for the very first time. We have now witnessed the most raw of human emotions and the most pure of human moments. It was, quite simply, magical.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity given to us by Tracy, Richard and Dylan. We feel forever bonded by this most intimate of experiences. We also thank them for allowing us to share some of our favorite frames with you. (Keep clicking through; the opening photo repeats itself for story-telling purposes)


  1. Caitlin

    Beautiful and breath-taking beyond words!

  2. Eve


  3. molina

    f word. beautifully (and tastefully) done. I just got goosebumps.

  4. ARI

    Beautifully done. Awesome images!

  5. Kitty

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! These are treasures, you two.

  6. Micah

    teary eyed comment leaving… beautiful work you two.

  7. David and Helen

    Awesome shots guys. Really well done. That first one of the first ever breath is amazing, I’m sure they love them. I wonder what the child will think when he’s all grown up!?

  8. David

    ::mouth hanging open::

  9. Jesse

    I really didn’t think I’d be one for birth pics. But some of these are works of art, especially the first one. Ridiculously good.

  10. Winter

    These photos are absolutely stunning. This is my new D+D favorite.

  11. John

    WOW. Absolutely awesome moments captured. Great job guys!

  12. Megan

    wow. i’m absolutely speechless. what an amazing time in life for that couple and amazing that the two of you were able to capture these moments. truly incredible.

  13. name*naomi chokr

    OMFG! this is amazing! the emotions are so raw! i have never seen anything like this. What did it feel like being in the delivery room. Fantastic guys!

  14. Kelly

    WOW!!! What a powerful image. Totally blown away!

  15. Camilla Binks

    That is absolutely beautiful. What a beautiful record of an amazing day.

  16. Chelsea Patricia

    I could not help but cry, these images are so lovely and beautiful. Every moment was captured PERFECTLY.

  17. Gabriel Boucher

    What amazing pictures! and such a beautiful subject… Congratulations Davina and Daniel, you never cease to amaze me.

  18. Lauren Kaye

    message*Wow. We are expecting our second child in November, and I just had to write. Your images brought tears to my eyes – they are so beautiful. And what a wonderful gift you have given that family!

  19. Christine Borruel

    Oh my goodness….I love it. You’ve both done an excellent job during such a special time for tracy and richard. The photos are beautiful and i admire how well you’ve captured their emotions (and personality)!

  20. jean

    i’m unbelievably touched by the photos, thank you so much for sharing this moment. you two are amazing photographers, gifted with a great ability to capture ‘real moments’

    thank you jean

Melanie + Alex | Montreal, QC

One of my favorite things about living in Montreal and photographing weddings here is the many cultures we encounter. Melanie and Alex are a cool, modern couple, both from traditional Armenian families. So when it came to their wedding, they chose to keep a perfect balance between reflecting their personal tastes (especially Melanie’s love of purple!) and honoring their traditional families.

One of our favorite parts of the day was their traditional Armenian ceremony. We had no idea what was going on (we are still working on our Armenian!), but the visual symbolism we witnessed – from the foreheads pressed together, to the cross held against their heads by Alex’s brother – was just beautiful.

A big thank-you to Melanie and Alex for sharing their day with us, and for allowing us to have a glimpse into another culture.


  1. Kip Beelman

    You two slay me each and every time. Love your work.

  2. Jenn

    What a stunning dress… love the images outside with the rolling fields- amazing!

  3. Jasser Abu-Giemi

    I love how colourful this wedding looks. The candle picture with her Father is great.

  4. Jules

    Beautiful! Love those skies!

  5. Adam Kealing

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Holy moly these are AMAZING! I bet Melanie and Alex are beside themselves with the pure awesomeness of these pictures!

  6. Melanie + Alex

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures !!! Thank you so much D+D. We always knew that the best decision that we could have made was hiring you two for our wedding. The shots in the church just blew our minds :))))

  7. Micah

    Really really beautiful work you two! The candles, the uplight on her face in the ceremony, the B&W car window, and that last portrait. Keep em coming.

  8. Nataly D.

    Great job you guys! This is my family’s church and where I was baptized, so nice to see it from behind your lens! Love them all, especially the last ones!

  9. Gera Juarez

    Amazing!!! congrats, really is a great job!

  10. daniel stark photography

    seriously u guys–amazing. every time i look at your photos i’m always like how the hell did they do that?! awesome stuff!

  11. name*naomi chokr

    DAMN! The colors + reflections + emotions are just spectacular!

  12. Steph MacKinnon

    Beautiful!! Just stunning – I almost see another woman beside her? Is this a cloning photoshop technique or multiple image shot in camera? If you don’t want to tell I totally understand! Well done!!

  13. Georges Khayat

    Very expressive and nice pictures. Really nice job!