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Sarah + Kyle | Quebec City, QC

Many couples fantasize about ditching the headache of wedding planning and running away to get married… but there are very few who actually pull it off. Sarah and Kyle knew they weren’t the big white wedding kind of people, so they chose to tell no one, and elope to Quebec City.

When we caught up with Sarah and Kyle on the big day, almost one hour before they were scheduled to meet up, Sarah was sitting in her room at the iconic Chateau Frontenac, ready to get started, and Kyle was already pacing the lobby, ready to see his bride for the first time. With no one there to hold up the schedule, this notoriously punctual couple’s wedding day actually ran early; completely unheard of in our experience!

It was a tremendous honor to bear witness to this incredibly romantic ceremony on the Plains of Abraham, overlooking the Fleuve St-Laurent and it was a pleasure to wander the old city, exploring charming nooks and crannies. Sarah and Kyle, thank you for choosing our vision to document your wedding for your friends and family to see, and for you to relive.


  1. Megan

    Aw man, you two! Great work as always! Love the mood in that photo of the bride.

  2. Micah

    Gorgeous shots you two! Love that first shot.

  3. Natan

    Wonderful colors and composition, as usual, great images!!!

  4. Julia

    Just stunning you guys. The doorway with those golden reflections.. just wow.

  5. Vanisha

    I love ALL the shots, nice work, as usual 🙂

  6. Christina Dely

    I recently came across your work, and fell head over heals! Your images are simply amazing!

  7. damon

    what a fantastic photography !!

  8. Stella

    Stunning!!!! I love love that first shot!!!

  9. Stuart James

    Your work with the beautiful composition, closeness of your work to your subjects, and the way you envisage a scene are a constant source of inspiration – simply gorgeous

  10. Mark

    stunning images!

  11. Hannes Uys

    I must admit apart from the images this is superbly written. Gives it a definite edge.

  12. John