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Ashley + Andreas | Cape Cod, MA

It was oh-so easy for us to fall in love with Ashley and Andreas’ wedding. For one thing, it had many similarities to our own wedding, including the exact same guest count. It also took place in one of our favorite locations, the Cape, which was the perfect midpoint for their family and friends who came from Germany and California. And, well, let’s just say it was not difficult to be captivated by their stunning good looks and their impecable taste. Ashley’s vintage Monique Lhuillier dress and sequined flapper-inspired number were both equally swoon-worthy, and even Daniel had to comment on Andreas’ handsome German features!

But I think that the best part of this wedding was the magic. On what was an otherwise rainy and gloomy weekend, we experienced one of the most sudden, unexpected, and beautiful sunsets we’ve ever seen, just as Ashley and Andreas were heading out for a post-ceremony row on the pond. It lasted exactly 13 minutes, just enough time for them to spend some quiet time together on the rowboat and for us to grab a few scene setting portraits. There is no other way to describe it, other than magical.

You can scroll through our favorite images from the day above, and click HERE to see their full slideshow.


  1. Mark Andrew

    Wow. Your guys’ work is so amazing!

  2. Roberto y Maria

    Always a pleasure to see your pics ๐Ÿ™‚ We love it

  3. kitty

    wow… totally gorgeous.

  4. Daniella

    It’s perfect!

  5. Megan

    Wow, you guys! This is now one of my favorite weddings that you have shot. I love the boat shots! The mood that you were able to capture in those is amazing. Such great emotion captured throughout the entire coverage!

  6. Micah

    Don’t even know where to start. Brilliant work you two. I was going to pick one to praise, but this really is some of your very best work yet. Consistently excited to see what you’ll come up with next.

  7. David Josuรฉ

    Ahhh!!! you’re so good it hurts!!! jajaja, love you guys!

  8. Adam Kealing

    You’re so good, that it’s too good for your own good! If these could get any gooder, they would be the goodest! Goodness you two are amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Natan

    Daniel&Davina , simply&great , it’s very difficult . Congrats!

  10. Ashley & Andreas

    You guys are amazing! Thank you not only for the insanely beautiful photography, but also your sweet words. We are so grateful for both your presence at our wedding and how you captured the weekend! We are laughing at crying at the same time going through the photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Emilie

    gorgeous wedding! the photos are awesome!

  12. Jason+Ginaย 

    Dang this are some really amazing pics! Well done D&D!

  13. Stella*

    Great, great work! Always in awe ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Katrina

    This wedding is so charming and adorable! As always, you two captured it perfectly.

  15. Sean Gannon

    What a great collection. Great emotions and original angles!

Nathalie + Ryan | Montreal, QC

You would think that planning not one but two separate wedding celebrations would make a bride and groom complete stress cases, but not Nathalie and Ryan. These two had their priorities all straightened out. They were excited to get married, eat good food, and party… and that’s exactly what they did.

Their two-day event began at Nathalie’s parents’ house, where they had their traditional Cambodian ceremony. Daniel and I love Cambodian traditions and we even incorporated one, the string ceremony, into our own wedding. I just love how the ceremony includes all of the most important people in the couple’s life, from having them primp and prep them (and “cut” Ryan’s non-existant hair), to whispering their wishes and advice. I also enjoy the several outfit changes that are involved, but that’s a different matter!

The second day honoured Ryan’s Filipino background with a church ceremony, followed by portraits in an enchanted forest, and, as promised, a rocking reception. With an exclusive menu, late night McDonald’s buffet, and Krispy Kreme donut spread on top of a dance party so good that even we eventually had to join in, we were truly spoiled with these guys. So spoiled, in fact, that even the next day they treated us to Montreal’s Oyster Fest where we feasted some more.

Nat and Ryan, thank you for an incredible weekend. You were a joy to photograph… and to dine with!


  1. tim

    wonderful colors and expressions! beautiful

  2. RYNAT

    Thank you for capturing every single cherished emotional moments over our special 2 days! We cant stop looking at the pictures, replaying the wedding in our head. Looking forward to what our new life together has to offer and perhaps the chance to have D+D capture future special moments as well. xoxo NR

  3. Fer Juaristi

    dudes, powerful clicks! Love this wedding.

  4. freddy

    awesome background for this photo,natural looking

  5. vasia

    stunning! and i love your black and whites

  6. Maryke

    I’m amazed by the sharpness and colours in these photographs. As a fairly ‘new’ photographer I have tried and tried to achieve this lighting, but never get it this sharp. May I ask what camera/lens you use? Super inspired by all your photographs!!

Jackie + Kenny | Pebble Beach, CA

Jackie and Kenny’s destination wedding in Pebble Beach was the epitome of compromise; a perfect balance between these two individuals. They chose the location because Kenny is an avid golfer, but it also happens to be an incredibly picturesque spot, appealing to Jackie’s impeccable taste. Also evident throughout the day and night was Jackie’s love of Celine Dion (a Montrealer – hoot hoot!), whose music made regular special appearances. Jackie and the girls even played her Taking Chances world tour DVD not one, not two, but THREE times while they were getting ready!

This wedding also gave us the opportunity to work with the wonderful Debi Lilly, who came from Chicago to ensure that every detail was just right.

A big thank-you to Jackie, Kenny, Debi (and the bridesmaids who nick-named me Mila Kunis) for allowing us to share in this very special weekend.


  1. kitty

    nice frame, people!!!

  2. Jessica Stout

    I’m at a loss for words. This is definitely one of your bests yet. Congrats guys. Each image is breathtaking.

  3. Kip Beelman

    Both 1st dance shots are top of class. I love your coverage from top to bottom.

  4. Emma Rose

    Wow, impeccable compositions, nice work.

  5. Taylor Jackson

    You describe the wedding as a balance and I think the single frame is exactly that. The balance between land and water. beautiful work as always.