1on1 Workshop

Looking to have an honest critique of your work? Or perhaps you have questions about lighting a reception? Or do you have that nagging feeling you're in a photography rut?

Book a 2-hour Skype Session with us,  Davina & Daniel, during which we will discuss any topic you'd like, and answer all the questions you might have. 

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“Dear Davina & Daniel

I just wanted to thank you both so much for the Birmingham workshop – I came away so inspired, with a whole new way of ‘seeing’.

I feel almost like some of the blocks I have had, have been removed and I’ve been given permission to take a risk. It’s not always working out so wellbut I’m loving that I’m pushing it, asking to do this or that shot, instead of going home thinking I should have done this or that shot. It’s been very liberating!”

– Julian Moniz, Toronto wedding photographer

"At a certain point in every photographers career you realize you’ve hit a wall and learned all you can on your own. Photography is incredibly personal and many of us hold our work near to our heart. If you’re like me, you’ll realize that in order to hone your craft and be a better photographer, you need help from someone who knows the terrain, can honestly critique your work, and help to refine your approach.

Someone once said that if you want to be a better (fill in the blank), you need to play up a level. That’s where Daniel & Davina come in. In a field that can sometimes be competitive and even secretive, they are an open book. They are honest and loving in their approach to helping you succeed, accessible and eager to share every detail they’ve learned through their amazing journey of honing their craft and building incredible businesses that are worthy of admiration. They are wholly and unequivocally dedicated to their craft and seeing others’ succeed; exactly what you hope for in a mentor.

At their workshop, they gave so much time and energy for nearly three days and often until the wee hours of the morning, sacrificing sleep and time with their family. The content of the workshop is thoughtful, thorough and insightful. It was eye-opening to say the least! You will leave with tangible advice on how to hone your craft and grow your business. You’ll feel rejuvenated, excited and challenged. You will have a refined approach to a wedding day ultimately influencing your work for the better. You will have a refreshed idea of how to build and maintain a successful business, and you’ll love every second of it! Even post workshop, they’ve set up a Facebook group to keep in touch in case you have questions.

The fact that the the spots for their workshops fill nearly immediately should be a hint, but if you need a push, then do it. Don’t wait.  Please take it from me, don’t hesitate another moment. Take this opportunity to “Play up a level” and invest in yourself, your craft, and your future. I promise it will be the best investment you make!"

– Daniel Moyer, Philadelphia wedding photographer

“Davina + Daniel,

Attending your workshop in Toronto earlier this year has had the single greatest impact on my business so far. Whether it be how to compose an image or plan a wedding day schedule with my clients I have confidence in knowing that I will be successful in getting the shots I want. And the shots I want have become the shots my clients want because they want my vision. Hearing about your experiences and approach to photography have been tremendously invaluable to my growth. Thank you both for the intensive 2 day workshop and opportunity to network with other great photographers a continent away! I can’t wait to get together again soon!”

– Tim Mak, San Francisco wedding photographer

“Davina and Daniel are both photographers whose work I highly respect, and it was so educational to watch their photography process; how they interacted with the subjects, how they scout out the light and locations. It was amazing.

I was so inspired.

It was so fascinating to watch them bring beauty from dubious alleyways and dumpsters. Daniel and Davina are masters of their work, and watching them infused a new sense of energy and creativity into my work.”

– Nadine Latief, Austin wedding photographer

“I had an amazing opportunity to attend Davina & Daniel’s Toronto workshop and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business. As a newer photographer I was beyond inspired. From the practical elements of shooting to the business aspects, I was able to see my business from a refreshingly different perspective. Most importantly, the D & D workshop inspired me to shoot from my heart, never-forgetting the raw emotions and story-telling aspects associated with wedding photography and family portraiture. Thanks again D & D.”

– Sharon Navarro, Vancouver wedding photographer

“Davina and Daniel!

Mark and I are so grateful of the opportunity to come to your studio and speak with you for a day. We came in feeling fairly deflated about our business, and left full of new ideas and motivation. And now, months later, I wanted to let you know we are still often thinking of the things we talked about on that day, and still implementing new ideas. And as for shooting, during the longer stretches of a wedding day when I think I’ve run out of things to photograph, I ask myself, “what would Daniel and Davina do?”, and sure enough, something comes to mind. It has been so very helpful for us working together as a couple, to think back on some of the things you helped us learn, and so I just wanted to send you one more big THANK YOU for all your help! Hope to see you again soon!”

– Leslie + Mark at Sakura, Vancouver wedding photographers