KELLY + JULIAN | Cascais, Portugal

There are many reasons a couple may choose to have a destination wedding: beautiful location, smaller guest list, a multi-day event… But for Kelly and Julian, Portugal is not just a pretty backdrop, even though it is, extremely pretty; it is their history. Half-Portuguese Julian and full-Portuguese Kelly opted to bring their closest friends and families across an ocean to share with them this very special country that means so much to them both.

More important than the location, of course, were the people who made the trip, and we really enjoyed getting to know this unique group. The special combination of Kelly’s sisters and nieces and nephew, Julian’s brother and 7 year old sister (whom, as everyone pointed out, is an old soul), as well as their parents and friends, made for some wonderful, emotion-charged moments all throughout the day.

Finally, at the heart of it all, are Kelly and Julian. Two wedding photographers who are impossible not to love. In fact, they love love. The words “Just Love” are tattooed on Julian’s arm, they are engraved in both their wedding bands, and they were carved onto a sign above them as they exchanged their wedding vows. And love they most certainly do. Not just each other, but everyone around them. My parents were seated at a table at their wedding reception, along with our 3 month old baby Max, because Kelly and Julian invited them when they discovered that they would be travelling with us. So naturally we pretty much fell in love with them too, and a few weeks ago when we delivered their photos, it was in person, in our home, while they were spending a few days with us!

Kelly and Julian, we are so glad you took our workshop in England a few years ago and that we now have you in our lives. We are so grateful for your friendship and for the trust you put in us in capturing your wedding.

See a few of our favorites, above, from their wedding in Cascais and their day-after session in Lisbon.


  1. Bethany Cox

    a ha! I saw that tear/hug one today on the Fearless awards! Congrats! This wedding looked like a real showstopper.

  2. Rich

    These are just incredible guys! You captured so much emotion and have an amazing way of seeing things differently, very inspiring. I love the shot with the girls tears on the grooms suit. Just awesome!

  3. liam smith

    all kinds of awesome, so much emotion. stunning work

  4. Randhir

    What a gorgeous couple.

JORIANA + JAY | Arlington, VA

Relationships. When it comes down to it, they are what wedding days are made of. At the core of this wedding, of course, was the relationship between Joriana and Jay, a young couple who built a strong foundation with the support of their close friends and family and in accordance with their faith. Each of their respective families played their part in raising two exceptional individuals who would find their perfect match in the other.  Jay’s relationship with his mother was so powerful, it actually made me sob when they shared their mother-son dance at the reception (in my defense, I had just given birth to my son a few months earlier!). Joriana, an only child, shares an unmistakable closeness with both of her parents, particularly her mother with whom she works as a wedding photographer. Her father’s face when he saw her for the first time as a bride, and her mother’s hug before heading off to the ceremony, were powerful manifestations of their bond. It was these moments, where the strength of all of these relationships were demonstrated, that we witnessed all throughout Joriana and Jay’s wedding day. The expression “it takes a village” came to mind several times, especially when friends and family members shared stories of the couple’s childhood and courtship.

As wedding photographers themselves, it comes to no surprise that Joriana and her mom Mindy were exceptionally thorough as they planned this wedding! No detail was overlooked as they determined what they wanted this event to look like and feel like. They even selected extra long sparklers for the couple’s exit so they would stay lit longer – an example of wedding photographers having the wedding photographers’ back, no doubt!

It was an honor and a privilege to witness and document the relationships that made this day, and this couple, come together. The love and respect shared throughout the crowd was extended to us, and we are so thankful for this.

You can view our favorite images from the day, above.


  1. Adam Kealing

    Beautiful from start to finish!! Unbelievable framing for the first look!

  2. Collins


  3. Benjamin Toms

    Great set of images, beautiful work as always.

  4. silvia

    The best photos ever seen!

C + W | Porto Cheli, Greece

This post is a little bit different than usual because, well, this wedding was a little different. C+W chose to celebrate their union in a few different ways, and we were lucky enough to be invited along for the ride. First, they travelled to Bhutan last February, where Daniel and Adam photographed their traditional Bhutanese ceremony, arranged specially just for the two of them by the wonderful staff at Amankora. Then, Daniel and I joined them and their kids in Porto Cheli, Greece, at another Aman Resort, Amanzoe, for a few days which included some portrait sessions, a short ceremony, and a boat trip.

On our first day, C+W agreed to meet us at sunrise so we could take full advantage of Greece’s colorful early-morning skies and avoid the intense summer heat. Despite the very early wake-up call for hair and makeup, C was a real trooper and their girls even came along to take some behind-the-scenes photos of our shoot. Although this did mean that they were completely exhausted when we joined them again that afternoon, they did manage to fulfill their flower girl duties for their parents’ sweet and simple wedding ceremony, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Before they took off on their family honeymoon, we had the opportunity to join them once more, this time for a boat ride in the sea. Storm clouds threatened to cover our sunset, but we managed to witness some stunning pink skies before dark. The kids loved the experience, and so did we!

We are always excited to share our images, but we have agreed to maintain W’s privacy, so here is a small glimpse at our time with C+W and their children in Greece.


  1. Emma

    Such a tease I wish we could see more!!! You guys are amazing.

  2. Adam

    Sweet perfection as always!

  3. andrea

    that is an exciting way to celebrate.. so many trips to different countries..

  4. richard

    the couple walking through the dry yellow grass looks amazing

  5. Melissa Avey

    Stunning location and beautiful image!

  6. Brian Davis

    Absolutely beautiful. Really loving all the remarkable scenery and the sunset shots.