C + W | Porto Cheli, Greece

This post is a little bit different than usual because, well, this wedding was a little different. C+W chose to celebrate their union in a few different ways, and we were lucky enough to be invited along for the ride. First, they travelled to Bhutan last February, where Daniel and Adam photographed their traditional Bhutanese ceremony, arranged specially just for the two of them by the wonderful staff at Amankora. Then, Daniel and I joined them and their kids in Porto Cheli, Greece, at another Aman Resort, Amanzoe, for a few days which included some portrait sessions, a short ceremony, and a boat trip.

On our first day, C+W agreed to meet us at sunrise so we could take full advantage of Greece’s colorful early-morning skies and avoid the intense summer heat. Despite the very early wake-up call for hair and makeup, C was a real trooper and their girls even came along to take some behind-the-scenes photos of our shoot. Although this did mean that they were completely exhausted when we joined them again that afternoon, they did manage to fulfill their flower girl duties for their parents’ sweet and simple wedding ceremony, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Before they took off on their family honeymoon, we had the opportunity to join them once more, this time for a boat ride in the sea. Storm clouds threatened to cover our sunset, but we managed to witness some stunning pink skies before dark. The kids loved the experience, and so did we!

We are always excited to share our images, but we have agreed to maintain W’s privacy, so here is a small glimpse at our time with C+W and their children in Greece.


  1. Emma

    Such a tease I wish we could see more!!! You guys are amazing.

  2. Adam

    Sweet perfection as always!

  3. andrea

    that is an exciting way to celebrate.. so many trips to different countries..

  4. richard

    the couple walking through the dry yellow grass looks amazing

  5. Melissa Avey

    Stunning location and beautiful image!

TRINA + QUINTON | New Orleans, LA

There are so many words that come to mind when describing Trina and Quinton’s 4-day wedding in New Orleans… beautiful, wild, opulent, classy, crazy, delicious, energetic, and of course, Bollywood! It is fair to say that not a single detail was overlooked as Trina, her family, Christine Paul Events, and David Beahm planned the whole affair.

It was also a very full schedule that kept Adam, Sarah, and I very busy (we had just welcomed our little Max at home, and Davina couldn’t make the trip). There was a gathering at Trina’s family home, followed by an evening celebration where 500 guests filled up the Civic Theatre in downtown New Orleans to watch friends, family, and professional dancers put on an incredible show full of colour, energy, and laughter. Under a colourful wash of light, everyone filled the dance floor… and set the bar high for the next day. Not surprisingly, the wedding day itself was chock-full of surprises, complete with flower-clad Ferraris, a festive Second Line, and a private concert by British Indian sensation RDB.

Truth be told,  heard about Trina even before she even inquired with us, as she had communicated with many of our photographer friends in the industry (something we can now tease her about!). So it was no secret that photography was one of the most important elements for Trina and Quinton. While that meant that the pressure was definitely on for the three of us, we were also incredibly humbled by their choice to have us be the ones to document their wedding weekend. A huge thank-you to Trina, Quinton and their families for choosing us and welcoming us so warmly.


  1. Ben Chrisman

    Those are some beautiful photos. The colors are just incredible. And the layering. And the moments. And the random hands. Check mate. You win.

  2. Natan

    Crazy good, yes! Congrats!

  3. Adam Kealing

    This wedding was incredible!! It was an incredible just be there much less get to shoot it with you. Thanks again and congrats Trina & Quinton!!!!

  4. DavidOne

    Superlative ! Awesome work on the lights and composition ! You Rock !

  5. Melissa Iturralde

    Oh My !! Your work is Amazing! these images are just perfection…

  6. heidi chowen

    PURE loveliness. We knew this was going to be amazing!!!

  7. Rob Goldstein

    That wedding looks like it was spectacular and your images certainly seem to have done it justice. The colours and the moments you captured are nothing short of perfection.
    Nice work. (as always)

  8. Jesse

    Loving your use of light, colors and layers in this amazing set.

  9. Ben B. Nguyen

    SICK SICK SICK. I love it. Painters and your brushes are cameras.

  10. Tanja

    Wow!! This is amazing! So many moments, emotions and stunner light!!

  11. Yuna Nguyen

    To be honest, i love the way you use ligh in your photo. In the first photo, you’ve taken the photo when the waiter or the pianist had looked at the couple. It’s amazing! You make me can feel happy of the wedding through pictures.

  12. Chris

    You guys just keep leading the way, Amazing!

  13. Susie

    Just found your blog! Absolutely beautiful work!

  14. Khanh Nguyen

    Your layering of these images are insane! The colors are stunning!

This face…

… is responsible for the radio silence on our blog over the last few months!

Almost 3 months ago, on May 11 (Mother’s day!), our son, Max Kudish came into this world, bringing along with him more joy and love than we could ever put into words. We are completely and utterly obsessed with him!

We have also been busy photographing weddings (Max already has stamps in his passport!) and we are excited to share those with you very soon. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse into our last 3 months as a new family.


  1. Lili Kovacs

    Perfect! !!
    Beautiful family and Beautiful baby.
    God bless.

  2. Jenna

    So adorable, all of you. So happy for all this sweetness in your life!!!

  3. Renato dPaula

    Awesome moments to remember. Incredible photos!!!

  4. John

    Such sweet moments with beautiful pictures!
    So happy for you guys!!!

  5. Anita Phillips

    I have to say, these photos are just fantastic! Congratulations and Enjoy your most adorable little guy :)

  6. Okimoto

    Wow!!! Amazing moments!!!

  7. lena

    Oh that FACE! Congratulations!

  8. Geoff Barfot

    I love the Eiffel Tower picture! We just had our three and a half month old with us and took a similar photo. Huge congrats you two!

  9. Marisa

    Davina- These pictures are beautiful! Congratulations on the birth of your son and I hope you are your family are happy and healthy.


  10. Lanny

    These are perfect. So happy for you three!

  11. Khanh Nguyen

    This is so beautiful. Congratulations to both of you and I hope to see this little pumpkin at the conference on November :)

  12. erin

    These are wonderful.

    The breastfeeding photograph is beautiful and honest. I remember that amazing feeling.

    Enjoy it. Just beautiful.

  13. Emilie

    This kid is going to have the best pics ever!!!! And what a cutie!!!

  14. Nadia

    You guys look adorable! Congrats on so much luck, wishing you the best :)

  15. Amir

    These photos are priceless!! Morgan and I are so excited to meet him!!

  16. Nadine

    So much love love love. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.

  17. Francisco Tabasco

    Felicidades chicos por este bebe tan guapo, como se nota que los ojos son como los de Divina.Que disfrutéis mucho.