2015 WORKSHOPS: Montreal

We’re very excited to announce two new dates in our Montreal workshop series, for professional wedding photographers. They will be on April 7-8 as well as May 5-6 2015 at our studio in downtown Montreal.

We gave priority to our workshop mailing list, and both dates are almost sold out. We have only a couple spots left. If you’re interested in joining us, you can do so here (and get more information): http://davinaplusdaniel.com/workshops/2015-workshop-montreal/

Hope to see you in our hometown soon!


TIA + MANNY | Aruba

I often take notes after a wedding, from which I draw inspiration or remind myself of small details when it comes time for me to write these blog posts. Not that I needed the reminder, but when I read through my notes from Tia and Manny’s wedding I was struck by how truly epic their Aruba wedding was! Halloween pirate ship, unicorn mask, speedboat wedding day transportation, flamingo ceremony photobombers, hermit crab races, sandy dance floor,  hilarious Vietnamese games, techno AND country music, glow sticks and shots, shots, shots, shots shots shots.
And in between all of these elements we witnessed sweet glances, hand squeezes, and stolen kisses between the bride and groom, showing all of us just how excited these two were to be marrying each other. In fact, Manny snuck a little note in Tia’s jewelry box the morning of the wedding that read “I can’t wait!”. It was a sweet gesture that says so much about this couple.
Besides the aforementioned pirate ship adventure on Halloween, the flamingo/sunset ceremony and the sandy techno/country music dance party, we also had the opportunity to explore the other side of the island of Aruba with Tia and Manny for their day-after session. We’ve written many times about couples who are troopers during this sometimes treacherous photoshoot, but these guys might just take the cake. Daniel and I had them hiking, climbing or otherwise manoeuvring through rough (and often cliffside!) terrain for a single photograph. But Tia and Manny were willing to do anything for the shot, and they obviously earned a place in our hearts for that!
Tia and Manny, thank you for being so willing and able to not only brace the elements for portraits, but also for welcoming us so openly into your wedding weekend.
You can view a selection of our favourite images from this weekend by clicking on the arrows above.


  1. Verity Sansom

    Wow guys, every single one is just stunning. What an amazing location too. Worth trekking all over that terrain for those shots though, just awesome!

  2. Ruben Diaz

    Impresionantes…no dejáis de sorprender!

  3. Damon

    thank you for sharing these amazing images!

  4. Micah

    Good Lord.

  5. Gardner Hamilton

    Hey guys awesome job, i shot this exact location 2 years ago… its the bomb well done both

  6. Lindsay S.

    Ooooh you definitely had your baby Max mojo at this wedding! Beautiful, fun, and feels just like Aruba (for those of us who have visited :) )

  7. nodnarb gnow


    Good stuff.

  8. Sophie Asselin

    As always, it’s gorgeous! I love the pictures :)

  9. Jesús Nieto

    Davina I really love the felling your photography transmit, human emotions at it’s most!

  10. Erika

    So good you two!

  11. Shaun


KELLY + JULIAN | Cascais, Portugal

There are many reasons a couple may choose to have a destination wedding: beautiful location, smaller guest list, a multi-day event… But for Kelly and Julian, Portugal is not just a pretty backdrop, even though it is, extremely pretty; it is their history. Half-Portuguese Julian and full-Portuguese Kelly opted to bring their closest friends and families across an ocean to share with them this very special country that means so much to them both.

More important than the location, of course, were the people who made the trip, and we really enjoyed getting to know this unique group. The special combination of Kelly’s sisters and nieces and nephew, Julian’s brother and 7 year old sister (whom, as everyone pointed out, is an old soul), as well as their parents and friends, made for some wonderful, emotion-charged moments all throughout the day.

Finally, at the heart of it all, are Kelly and Julian. Two wedding photographers who are impossible not to love. In fact, they love love. The words “Just Love” are tattooed on Julian’s arm, they are engraved in both their wedding bands, and they were carved onto a sign above them as they exchanged their wedding vows. And love they most certainly do. Not just each other, but everyone around them. My parents were seated at a table at their wedding reception, along with our 3 month old baby Max, because Kelly and Julian invited them when they discovered that they would be travelling with us. So naturally we pretty much fell in love with them too, and a few weeks ago when we delivered their photos, it was in person, in our home, while they were spending a few days with us!

Kelly and Julian, we are so glad you took our workshop in England a few years ago and that we now have you in our lives. We are so grateful for your friendship and for the trust you put in us in capturing your wedding.

See a few of our favorites, above, from their wedding in Cascais and their day-after session in Lisbon.


  1. Bethany Cox

    a ha! I saw that tear/hug one today on the Fearless awards! Congrats! This wedding looked like a real showstopper.

  2. Rich

    These are just incredible guys! You captured so much emotion and have an amazing way of seeing things differently, very inspiring. I love the shot with the girls tears on the grooms suit. Just awesome!

  3. liam smith

    all kinds of awesome, so much emotion. stunning work

  4. Randhir

    What a gorgeous couple.

  5. Vestuviu Fotografas

    It is very nice that these precious moments were captured in photographs so well. Every single tear of hapiness is commemortalised and hopefully will live forever.

  6. Jesús Nieto

    There is art in every single pic, you got a great eye!