We first met Hannah and Geoffrey just over a year ago, when we photographed Hannah’s sister’s wedding in Antigua, Guatemala. A few things were different then; for one, I was sporting a large baby belly, and Hannah and Geoffrey were just dating. During our time in Guatemala, we were so warmly welcomed by the family and it was hard to say goodbye at the end of the trip. Luckily, we were invited back into the family for Hannah’s turn at the altar, and it was just like coming home. Needless to say, two weddings in, I am getting pretty comfortable in my role as the honorary fourth sister!

Hannah and Geoff married in Los Angeles, the city they currently call home. The event was cool and laid-back, yet super hip and trendy (do people still say “hip”?), just like Hannah and Geoff. Throughout the day they drank beer and took occasional puffs from their vaporizer. They spent quality time together; rereading their vows aloud to each other and recalling moments from the ceremony. And they laughed.  A lot. Couples don’t often get the chance to just be together on their wedding day, and I loved that Hannah and Geoff chose to have this alone time during which they could exchange stories as the day was still unfolding.

We had intended to take portraits of Hannah and Geoff in their neighbourhood of Venice Beach the day following the wedding, but southern California experienced a rare rainy day so we rescheduled for a week later, when we were back in the area. The typical warm, sunny California weather was back and we were treated to a perfect evening for their day-after-turned-one-week-anniversary portrait session. Just like the wedding, the day was completely stress-free as we visited iconic Venice locations like the skatepark, the Venice sign, the murals, and the beach. Hannah and Geoff traveled in style in Geoff’s vintage Ford truck, and they exemplified the meaning of the word “patience” as Daniel had them drive along the beach “just one more time” about a dozen times so he could get his shot! As Daniel finished up this final photograph, and I entertained our (also very patient!) son Max who had been “assisting” us throughout the shoot, I was overcome with a sense of gratitude for the last year and for the opportunity to be a part of this family’s life for another momentous occasion. Hannah and Geoff, you were so good to us, and we loved being there with you as you tied the knot in style. We hope to be involved in your lives again soon! (There’s still a third sister!)


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    Nice work, you guys! Over-the-top-good.

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    Great photos !, excelent cover guys!

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    Excellent work.

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    These images are a breath of fresh air. Nice and clean, great framing and light. Awesome work you two.


First of all, let me clear up one thing. If you’ve already looked through these images, I know what you are wondering, and the answer is yes, this couple really is that good looking, and yes, their wedding really was that beautiful! We were fortunate enough to hang out with Alfee and Geoff a few times before their wedding and a few times since, and we can confidently say that they are not only extremely attractive, but also very caring towards others and so loving with one another. Throughout our time together I was struck by how well they really know each other; little things like food preferences, or greater things like how the other would react to certain situations. We laughed more than once about how accurately one had predicted what the other would say or feel in response to certain things. We also observed how fiercely protective of the other’s feelings they each are and it is obvious that they always have each other’s back.

Alfee and Geoff also have impeccably good taste (I mean, they picked each other, right?!) and Daniel and I were really excited to see how this would translate into their wedding. With Miami’s Soho Beach House as the backdrop and Kirsten of the legendary Mindy Weiss team in charge, we were certainly not disappointed. Alfee and Geoff put their personal stamp on everything, literally, with monogrammed napkins, water bottles, kippahs, and even coconuts! At the end of the night Alfee said “this really was my dream wedding come true,” and it is not difficult to see why.

Special thanks to Kirsten who was an absolute pleasure to work with, and our always brilliant friend and photographer Robby who leant us an extra, well, eye, throughout the weekend. And of course, a huge thank-you to Alfee and Geoff for entrusting us with the task of immortalizing their dream wedding.


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    Ridiculously beautiful.

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    They are incredibly easy to look at. And each image was a strong capture of beauty, emotion and movement. Nothing short of incredible.

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    Completamente increibles! Ya no quedan calificativos para describiros!!!
    Simplemente genial!

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    Beautiful work, as usual.

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    Mazel tov to you all! Beautiful couple, setting and celebration, capturedby another beautiful couple! ;)

  6. Maya

    Mazel tov to you all! Beautiful couple, setting and celebration, captured by another beautiful couple! ;)

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    Your artistry is other worldly good..just incredible..

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    Wow… Wow.. Wow… One of the most gorgeous shots I’ve seen.. I can never got those window-reflection shots right.

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    dang, you are right. they are gorgeous!!!! Well, maybe they are just average looking and you guys made them look that amazing? Beautiful job, as always!!!

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    A Stunning collection of images. Its the risks you take away from the ‘safe shot’ that create the most amazing images. A different view on something that happens at every wedding really adds a different spin! Amazing!

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    When I reach to the point of believing I am good.. I just visit your blog and set my goals higher.. Thank you.. Keep rocking !

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